Haunted Places in Tolland County, Connecticut

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    Nathan Hale Homestead

    Coventry, Connecticut

    This homestead, where Nathan Hale's father Deacon lived until his death in 1802, is said to be haunted by Deacon himself, whose apparition has been seen wearing Colonial attire. Also, a ghostly lady in white thought to be a servant has been seen sweeping the floors and cleaning, and Nathan's ...

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    Daniel Benton Homestead

    Tolland, Connecticut

    Built in 1720 by Daniel Benton, the location was home to six generations of Bentons. Daniel's grandson Elisha is known as a possible source of the hauntings here. Elisha was captured while fighting the British in the Revolutionary War, and caught smallpox on the prison ship. When he came home ...

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    Gay City State Park

    Hebron, Connecticut

    Gay City State Park offers over 1,500 acres of recreational opportunities. Once an 18th-century village named after founding father John Gay, the area is believed to be haunted by spirits from its past. Stories tell of murders, one of a jewelry peddler and another of a blacksmith apprentice who was ...