Haunted Places in Todd County, Minnesota

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Todd County, Minnesota. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Minnesota.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Todd County, Minnesota.

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    Palmer House Hotel

    Sauk Centre, Minnesota

    23.2 miles from Todd County, MN

    Reportedly haunted by numerous resident ghosts, from a young boy who is often seen bouncing his ball to a possible former prostitute to a tall, lanky man who appears over your bed. Rooms 11 and 17 are apparently the rooms to rent if you are into a ghostly encounter. ...

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    Old Broadway Food and Spirits

    Alexandria, Minnesota

    26.2 miles from Todd County, MN

    The former Old Broadway Food and Spirits, reported to be empty and for sale, is rumored to be haunted. Past employees say inside the building they have experienced cold chills, an apparition of a phantom bartender that shows up on a security camera or in mirrors, and moving objects, such ...

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    New York Mills Regional Cultural Center

    New York Mills, Minnesota

    38.5 miles from Todd County, MN

    New York Mills Regional Cultural Center was built in 1885 and has a ghost, or maybe two. Staff members have felt an unseen presence and heard a disembodied voice speaking, or two voices having a conversation. As well, footsteps have been heard walking on the center's wood floors when no ...

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    Last Turn Saloon

    Brainerd, Minnesota

    38.8 miles from Todd County, MN

    Full-bodied apparitions and EVPs have been reported here.

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    College of Saint Benedict - Benedicta Arts Center

    St. Joseph, Minnesota

    44.9 miles from Todd County, MN

    The Benedicta Arts Center at the College of Saint Benedict was built in 1964 and is rumored to be home to a tall, ghostly shadow figure. Local legend says it's the spirit of a man named Steve who fell to his death during the building's construction. Steve has shattered lights ...

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    Spirit Lake

    Menahga, Minnesota

    47.9 miles from Todd County, MN

    My uncle used to tell a story about an Indian Maid who drown in Spirit Lake, Menagha, MN and how people would see her on the water every now and then. (Submitted by Sharon)

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    St. Cloud Times

    Saint Cloud, Minnesota

    48.7 miles from Todd County, MN

    At the St. Cloud Times newspaper office, staff have been visited by an apparition of a man in the basement. He sometimes wears a printer's shirt and other times a white shirt and bow tie. The ghost has been known to tinker with the electricity and play banjo music from ...

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    Pioneer Place on Fifth

    Saint Cloud, Minnesota

    50.1 miles from Todd County, MN

    Pioneer Place on Fifth is a former Elks Lodge, currently a venue for theater and concerts, and it's haunted. The 1913 building has a ghostly elderly man who likes the area near the men's room. Unexplained noises, electrical anomalies, moving objects and other ghost sightings also have been reported.

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    St. Cloud State University

    Saint Cloud, Minnesota

    50.7 miles from Todd County, MN

    Four spots at St. Cloud State University are said to be haunted. One is Shoemaker Hall, where a pregnant student hanged herself in a basement meat locker after having an affair with a janitor. The ghost moves objects, makes clocks flash the wrong numbers, and floats over students' beds. At ...

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    Skatin' Place

    Saint Cloud, Minnesota

    52.2 miles from Todd County, MN

    Skatin’ Place, according to local legend, is home to a ghost named Gilbert who used to live in a farmhouse on this property. Poor Gilbert became trapped and met his demise in the swampy land, but his spirit lingers in the Skatin' Place, turning on and off arcade games and ...

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    Milford Mine Disaster Site

    Crosby, Minnesota

    54.3 miles from Todd County, MN

    On Feb. 5, 1924, Milford Mine, a manganese mine, was flooded when Foley Lake rose, killing 41 miners. The site is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of the miners who were killed or who witnessed the tragedy.

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    660th Ave - Gravity Hill

    Watkins, Minnesota

    62.7 miles from Todd County, MN

    One of those mysterious gravity-defying sites, legend has it that if you go there and put your car in neutral on the level road, you will be pulled backward. Some witnesses say they have suffered from headaches while on this road.

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    Thayer's Bed and Breakfast

    Annandale, Minnesota

    67.1 miles from Todd County, MN

    This 1895 Old West Victorian hotel is a full house. It is the home of a ghostly little girl, a spirit bride, and two ghost cats. The owner's husband is also said to reside here in spirit, as well as the place's two original owners. Many other ghosts are said ...

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    Ness Church

    Litchfield, Minnesota

    68.8 miles from Todd County, MN

    Legends of ghostly Sioux Indians and a little girl named Annie surround this church. Some say the church lights come on and apparitions can be seen around the grounds.

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    Chase on the Lake

    Walker, Minnesota

    72.9 miles from Todd County, MN

    Details of what exactly is haunting Chase on the Lake are hard to find. So too are details about how exactly the haunting is alleged to manifest. Some people believe it may be haunted due to its use as a morgue following a battle in the Indian ...

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    Sturges Park

    Buffalo, Minnesota

    79.7 miles from Todd County, MN

    Local legends say the park's old bathroom is haunted. Witnesses have seen names written in blood on the mirror. Also reported on the premises have been floating orbs and the apparition of Old man Sturges, an 1880s businessman who lived next to the park.

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    Fountain Lake

    Delano, Minnesota

    86.2 miles from Todd County, MN

    At Fountain Lake, witnesses say, the ghost of a Native American woman who drowned here can be heard screaming late at night.