Haunted Places in Tallapoosa County, Alabama

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    Lovelady Bridge

    Camp Hill, Alabama

    Reportedly the site of a suicide or car accident in which a pregnant woman died. Apparently you can hear her crying at night on the bridge. (Photo courtesy of Steve Osborne)

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    Sturdivant Mansion

    Jacksons' Gap, Alabama

    Nothing but a few walls remain of Sturdivant mansion except rumors of the ghosts that resided there. The ruin in the woods is reportedly haunted, though reports as to the exact nature of the haunting differ. There is a legend that a madman once slaughtered every person inside ...

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    Harper Hill Cemetery

    Dadeville, Alabama

    This former church and cemetery site is said to be haunted. Legend has it that the church's pastor went mad one day and murdered his entire family and it is their ghosts that are said to haunt the grounds.

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    Liberty Cemetery

    Alexander City, Alabama

    You may hear the cries of a baby who died during the Civil War, and feel an eerie presence.