Haunted Places in Sullivan County, New Hampshire

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    Sumner Falls - Hartland Rapids

    Plainfield, New Hampshire

    Apparitions of loggers have been spied floating down the Connecticut River near the Hartland Rapids and Sumner Falls, and on the nearby trails, a tall phantom in black clothing and a black hat has been seen.

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    Indian Shutters

    Charlestown, New Hampshire

    Reports say the Indian Shutters restaurant is now closed, but it was rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a general, a former resident, seen upstairs in the restaurant owner's living area. Also, the ghost of a woman in a white, flowing dress was reported in the dining room ...

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    Topstone Mill

    Claremont, New Hampshire

    Topstone Mill, a former shoe and furniture manufacturing plant, was empty for years until new residents turned the bottom floors into an eatery. But the new people have been bitten by invisible teeth, had objects thrown at them, heard footsteps and seen apparitions through the windows. The site has been ...