Haunted Places in Suffolk County, New York

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    The Amityville Horror House

    Amityville, New York

    This house was made famous in the 1977 book by Jay Anson and its related hit movie. The event that started it all off was Ronald DeFeo's 1974 mass murder of the family at 108 Ocean Avenue (which was then 112 Ocean Avenue). The family who lived there next fled ...

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    The Normandie Inn

    Bohemia, New York

    Currently under restoration and not open for business, the 1920s gothic-style inn was originally a residence for a Czech baron. Later it was a speakeasy and then the Hotel Chateau La Boheme. Most lately the restuarant that occupied the space was said to be haunted by a woman named Maria, ...

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    Townsend Manor Inn

    Greenport, New York

    The scariest thing about this Inn might be the online reviews, with people reporting paying over $200 a night for motel-quality amenities. The ghost reports are vague and not particularly interesting tapping at windows (gee, no one has heard of birds?) and scratching at doors.

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    Mill House Inn

    East Hampton, New York

    Some people believe that the ghost of the former owner still haunts the Inn but sightings are few and far between.

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    Katie's of Smithtown

    Smithtown, New York

    Katie's of Smithtown is believed to be haunted by many spirits; among them are a bootlegger named Charlie Klein and victims of a 1909 fire that burned down the Traynor Hotel, which was formerly on this site.

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    Fire Island Lighthouse

    Babylon, New York

    The first Fire Island Lighthouse was built 1826, and during its construction, rumor has it that the builder had to stay in a shack, where his young daughters died from the harsh conditions. Distraught, the man hanged himself in the tower. Since that lighthouse was deemed too short, another was ...

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    Mount Misery Road

    Huntington, New York

    Legends abound about this narrow country lane, including that of a Lady in White who walks along the roadside and a phantom of a man who committed suicide hanging from a bridge. Demon dogs, ghostly faces in tree trunks, unexplained lights and misty apparitions also have been reported, as well ...

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    Stony Brook Grist Mill

    Stony Brook, New York

    The historic Stony Brook Grist Mill was originally built around 1700, but was destroyed in a storm around 1750 and a new one was built on the same site. It is rumored to be haunted by a ghost of a pretty blonde woman wearing a white dress who is believed ...

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    Country House Restaurant

    Stony Brook, New York

    Country House Restaurant originally opened way back in 1710 as a farmhouse. It's believed to be haunted by a beautiful ghost, Annette Williamson, accused of being a spy and hanged by the British during the Revolutionary War. Her apparition has been seen in the kitchen and on the stairs and ...

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    Lake Ronkonkoma

    Ronkonkoma, New York

    Lake Ronkonkoma has quite a few legends attached to it, one of the most popular being the Lady of the Lake, a Native American woman who drowned herself here during the colonial times. Some say the ghost comes every year and takes an attractive man between ages 18 and 38, ...

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    Sweet Hollow Road

    Melville, New York

    The Lady in White, aka Mary, is an apparition who walks along Sweet Hollow Road. Local legends abound about Mary, including a tale that a jealous boyfriend killed her by pushing her out of his moving car and into the path of another car. Other popular stories claim Mary was ...

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    Hanging Tree

    East Patchogue, New York

    About a 10 minute walk into the woods off of Patchogue Bay takes you to a clearing near the water, where the "Hanging Tree" is. As urban legend goes this tree is where early people in the area hung supposed witches, while another legend is that a teenage supposedly committed ...