Haunted Places in Stokes County, North Carolina

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    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Stokes County, North Carolina.

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    Brookstown Inn

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    21.5 miles from Stokes County, NC

    It is said that for the past two or three decades, guests in many of the rooms here have been awakened by the sound of a female voice calling their name repeatedly or saying "Mercy!" over and over again.

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    Salem College

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    21.7 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Salem College began in 1772 as a primary school, then a high school and now a college. It is the oldest women's college in the Southern U.S., and it has the abundance of haunts fitting to such an old institution. For example, the Clewell Dorm is haunted by a little ...

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    Guilford College

    Greensboro, North Carolina

    28.7 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Guilford College is said to have haunts in its 1961 Dana Auditorium. The building is said to stand on the site of a makeshift Civil War hospital where many soldiers died. The oldest ghost in residence is Lucas, a soldier who tends to appear at 2 a.m. in the Moon ...

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    Lydia's Bridge

    Jamestown, North Carolina

    33 miles from Stokes County, NC

    This bridge outside of Greensboro is said to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker. Lydia was headed home from a dance in the early 1920s, and as her story goes, her date lost control of the car. He was kileld instantly, but she, badly injured, died on the roadside while ...

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    High Point City Hall

    High Point, North Carolina

    33.6 miles from Stokes County, NC

    During "active hours" in city hall, there is not much activity that is reported. But at night, shift workers inside the building, which is secured, have experienced multiple occasions of paranormal activity. The various types of accounts have been listed below and further investigation is on going by ...

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    Carolina Theatre

    Greensboro, North Carolina

    33.9 miles from Stokes County, NC

    In 1981 a fire broke out in the Carolina Theatre while it was closed and killed a woman. As the woman was not supposed to have been there at the time, it is believed she deliberately set the fire that killed her. People now claim that her ghost ...

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    Elon University

    Elon, North Carolina

    45.9 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Elon University is said to be haunted by Mary, who resides in the West Dormitory and is known for talking to students while they're sleeping. Mary also is blamed for swinging light fixtures, footsteps, electrical anomalies, apparitions, and shattering mirrors. According to campus legend, Mary died in the Jan. 18, ...

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    Danville Museum - Sutherlin Mansion

    Danville, Virginia

    48.2 miles from Stokes County, NC

    The Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History, located inside the Sutherlin Mansion (originally built for William T. Sutherlin in 1859), has been called the "Last Capitol of the Confederacy." It was here that Jefferson Davis spent long hours staring out the parlor window after he heard the news of ...

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    Lanier House

    Danville, Virginia

    48.5 miles from Stokes County, NC

    The Lanier House, the oldest documented residence in the city, was built in 1830 by Danville's first mayor, Captain James Lanier. Although the structure now holds law offices, it has been the office of the city's first pediatrician as well as a private residence. It is said to be haunted; ...

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    Alleghany County Courthouse

    Sparta, North Carolina

    49.5 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Built in 1933, the historic courthouse was constructed to replace the original edifice which was destroyed by the 'Big Fire of 1932'. Visitors to the building nowadays have reported hearing disembodied footsteps on the staircase and the unexplained sound of whistling near the decommissioned prison cells. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Major Graham Mansion

    Max Meadows, Virginia

    49.9 miles from Stokes County, NC

    The historic mansion is believed to be haunted by the spirits of folks from its past. Paranormalists have collected electric voice phenomna and seen apparitions. The property is reported to be open for history and ghost tours during some times of year, and is available for investigation by paranormalist groups ...

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    Wilderness Road Regional Museum

    Dublin, Virginia

    52.7 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Wilderness Road Regional Museum is said to be haunted by an apparition of a young woman who walks the ground or stands in the window. The lights are known to flicker here as well.

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    Lyric Theatre

    Blacksburg, Virginia

    58.1 miles from Stokes County, NC

    The historic theater opened in 1930, and at least some the weird occurrences here, some say, may stem from a workman who was killed during its construction. Employees have described footsteps on stairways, phantom muttering, cold breezes, and a woman shrieking, sometimes saying over and over "Let me out!"

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    Holiday Inn - University / Blacksburg

    Blacksburg, Virginia

    58.3 miles from Stokes County, NC

    This hotel lies on the site of a former plantation called Jacob's Lantern. At Attitudes, the hotel bar and nightclub, laughter and voices can be heard after hours when the place is closed and empty. Guests often ask the hotel manager to turn the music down when no music is ...

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    The Patrick Henry Hotel

    Roanoke, Virginia

    62.1 miles from Stokes County, NC

    At this 1925 hotel, not only living guests can be found. Three ghostly men are said to stand around in the ballroom, keeping an eye on things. On the second floor, there is a man's apparition who smokes a pipe and sits at one of the tables. Those with sharp ...

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    Jeters Chapel of the Brethren Cemetery

    Vinton, Virginia

    67.5 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Jeters Chapel of the Brethren Cemetery, according to reports, is haunted by a man in a white robe who floats near the center of the cemetery.

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    Devil's Tramping Ground

    Bennett, North Carolina

    70.4 miles from Stokes County, NC

    According to local lore, this area near Bennett is a 40-foot circle in the middle of a forest in which nothing will grow. Legend has maintained, for over a century, that it is the site where the devil himself rises to the surface to wreak havoc on mankind. Reports say ...

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    Old Courthouse Theatre

    Concord, North Carolina

    71.1 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Old Courthouse Theatre, built in 1922, was originally a Baptist church and is rumored to be haunted. One of the ghosts has been nicknamed The Deacon, an apparition of a man in a dark suit who doesn't care for musicals. Footsteps, moving objects, lights going on and off and moving ...

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    Albemarle Opera House

    Albemarle, North Carolina

    72.7 miles from Stokes County, NC

    The early-1900s opera house is rumored to be haunted by ghosts whose footsteps are heard around the theater. Shadow figures also have been seen, and a band has been playing ragtime and other music every fall for more than 80 years.

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    Piney Grove Church

    Concord, North Carolina

    74.8 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Piney Grove Church was established around the turn of the twentieth century and has four ghosts, according to reports. Witnesses have described strange lights, mists, shadows, and photographic anomalies.

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    Avenel Plantation

    Bedford, Virginia

    75.8 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Built around 1838 by William M. Burwell and his wife Frances Steptoe, the historic home eventually, in 1985, was purchased by the Avenel Foundation, a non-profit organization known to restore and preserve historic Avenel. A ghostly Lady in White has been seen walking on the grounds and in the halls, ...

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    Latta Plantation

    Huntersville, North Carolina

    82 miles from Stokes County, NC

    The Latta family, the former owners of the plantation, are said to still live here in their afterlife. The historic site is the setting for strange occurrences, like the sound of ghostly children playing in the empty attic or slamming doors. A shadowy figure is seen from time to time. ...

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    Pharr Mansion

    Lowell, North Carolina

    90 miles from Stokes County, NC

    One afternoon I took my nephew by the mansion as he loved haunted things. I pulled in to the driveway at the end of the street and he got out and walked around the house (I remained in the car). When he got back he stated that he wanted ...

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    Randolph College

    Lynchburg, Virginia

    92.6 miles from Stokes County, NC

    Randolph College, founded in 1891 as Randolph-Macon's Woman's College, is said to be haunted. One haunted spot is Mary's Garden, named after Mary Stokes. Student legend says if you stray from the path and cross the garden, you will never graduate or never marry. Another story tells of a student ...