Haunted Places in Stark County, Ohio

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    Old Hercules Engine Factory

    Canton, Ohio

    This historic abandoned building is haunted by several terrifying entities. In the section of the building that was previously an army training unit, an aggressive entity pushes visitors around, and has been known to swear or threaten those present during visits. Factory appliances move around by themselves, and cold spots ...

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    Warehouse on the Canal

    Canal Fulton, Ohio

    This 1906 building previously housed the old Finnerock Furniture building and now houses an arcade of quaint shops and restaurants. There have been reported sightings of many ghosts, including numerous apparitions in period clothing wandering around the building. The ghost of a little girl has been seen near the old ...

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    Glamorgan Castle

    Alliance, Ohio

    The 1905 Glamorgan Castle, according to legend, is haunted by former owner Colonel Morgan of Morgan Engineering Company fame, who died in 1928. Guided tours are offered here throughout the year.