Haunted Places in Snohomish County, Washington

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    Bush House Country Inn

    Index, Washington

    Although this inn is said to be closed for restoration, the 1889 inn is the home of a ghost named Annabel. When poor Annabel heard her soon-to-be husband was killed in an explosion while working in the nearby mines, and she hanged herself in distress. But as it turns out, ...

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    The Oxford Saloon

    Snohomish, Washington

    The historic saloon, built in 1900, was originally Blackman’s Dry Goods Store. But it's been a saloon (and, some say, bordello) since around 1910. Legend has it that a policeman named Henry was stabbed to death here while trying to break up a fight. His ghost is said to remain, ...

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    Edmonds Theatre

    Edmonds, Washington

    Built in the early 1900s, the theater was purchased and renovated by a new owner in the 1980s. Witnesses say a shadowy figure surrounded by a glowing aura appears walking down an aisle.

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    Rucker Mansion

    Everett, Washington

    Mrs. Rucker herself is believed to haunt Rucker Mansion. Reports say she leapt to her death from a bedroom window. She has been heard playing the piano.

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    Maltby Cemetery

    Woodinville, Washington

    Apparitions of women and children in ragged clothing have been reported at this cemetery, and legend tells of an old underground crypt that was once here. Teens who used the cemetery for a hangout said when you reached the bottom of the stairs and turned around, you could see a ...

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    Mirkwood Cafe

    Arlington, Washington

    This former church now houses an upbeat café and tattoo parlour, and is rumoured to be haunted. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Stanwood Hotel and Saloon

    Stanwood, Washington

    I lived there for a few years just a few houses down the road from it and worked directly across the street at my fathers restaurant which people also said was "haunted" we even had kids from the local school come ask us questions because it was apparently ...

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    The Rock

    Lynnwood, Washington

    Before this site was The Rock, it was The Tankee diner but before that it was a restaurant called "The crab tree" (something like that). The book keeper was embezzling money in the 50's. When the restaurant was going out of business she hung herself in the basement. Phenomenons: -a server claims ...

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    Cabbage Patch Restaurant

    Snohomish, Washington

    Staff are aware of activity. We ate lunch there and my sister's coffee cup moved across the table.. on it's own. The staff say the old house used to be home to a family and the spirit is a little girl who fell off the upper staircase and died. (Submitted by Mary ...