Haunted Places in San Mateo County, California

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    Moss Beach Distillery

    Moss Beach, California

    This restaurant on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean was originally built in 1927 as a speakeasy, but turned into a restaurant in 1933. It is said to be haunted by the Blue Lady, who folks say died near the restaurant. The story has been seen on TV's Unsolved Mysteries. ...

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    Zaballa House

    Half Moon Bay, California

    People claim that room 6 is haunted with strange noises and alarms going off. Guests on review websites claim the walls are thin which could explain the "haunting" reports.

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    Ocean View Inn

    Montara, California

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    Water Dog Lake

    Belmont, California

    The ghost of the water dog is a local legend. Some say the water dog killed a boy who was walking around the lake alone. Others don't believe it, and they say, according to a newspaper story, the boy was killed by a murderer who dumped the body at the ...

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    Lullaby Lane Baby Store - Baby World

    San Bruno, California

    The former Lullaby Lane Baby Store (now Baby World) has been in operation since the 1950s, and is believed to be haunted by a former employee named Jean Brown, who retired from the store in 1977 and died of lung cancer in 1980. Witnesses report unexplained noises, footsteps, moving chairs, ...