Haunted Places in San Juan County, New Mexico

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    Miss Gail's Inn

    Aztec, New Mexico

    This inn is reportedly haunted by numerous spirits, including a cranky male ghost who prefers room 7. Legend also has it that a man was hanged from the tree out back. If he's the ghost in room 7 that might explain why he's cranky.

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    Chaco Canyon National Historic Park

    Nageezi, New Mexico

    A haunting place, even if it weren't haunted, the Chaco Canyon ruins make for some spectacularly eerie viewing. Coming upon the these great stone works, testament to ages past is enough to make anyone shiver in awe. Possibly the eerie feelings and the sense of being followed that ...

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    Lions Wilderness Park

    Farmington, New Mexico

    People report hearing ghostly noises and occasionally screaming. People also hear phantom footsteps and some have seen the apparition of a man appear.