Haunted Places in Salem County, New Jersey

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    Ye Olde Centerton Inn

    Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey

    Two spirits are said to reside here: One, a little girl who can be heard crying in the upstairs dining room, and two, a former maitre d' who creates cold patches in the same dining room.

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    Seven Stars Tavern

    Pilesgrove, New Jersey

    Seven Stars Tavern, now a private residence, is an 18th-century historic building rumored to have more than its share of spirits--the paranormal kind. One haunt here may be Bluebeard, a pirate whose body was found at Oldman's Creek nearby, with his head twisted around. Another is a Tory spy ...

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    Berry's Chapel

    Salem, New Jersey

    Berry's Chapel, according to a 1964 publication, lies in what was once a small African-American settlement in the pine woods, but now lies in ruins. Many ghost tales are told about it, including that Rev. Berry was lynched or murdered his family (there is no basis for either rumor). Some ...