Haunted Places in Sabine County, Texas

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Sabine County, Texas. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Texas.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Sabine County, Texas.

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    Grady Hill

    Many, Louisiana

    21 miles from Sabine County, TX

    One of the numerous La Llorona or "weeping woman" haunting claims.

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    Sterne-Hoya House

    Nacogdoches, Texas

    50.3 miles from Sabine County, TX

    An former housekeeper reported that she felt a happy presence in the house, and described a gentle pressure upon her body while in the attic. She encountered a negative feeling in the cellar.

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    Stephen F. Austin State University - Mays Hall 11

    Nacogdoches, Texas

    50.7 miles from Sabine County, TX

    According to some reports, the building was once a hospital with a morgue in the basement. Other reports say the city hospital did not actually have a morgue in the basement. A 1940s-era ruined bomb shelter is said to be one one end. An eerie, negative feeling is said to ...

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    Stephen F. Austin State University - Griffith Hall

    Nacogdoches, Texas

    50.8 miles from Sabine County, TX

    On the third floor, rumor has it that a female student once jumped out the window after playing with a Ouija board. Her ghost causes the lights in the shower room to flicker at the same time every night, at the exact time she died. Her apparition has been seen ...

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    Turner Auditorium

    Nacogdoches, Texas

    50.9 miles from Sabine County, TX

    A ghost named Chester haunts the theater building, who is rumored to have been an architect of the building, but passed away before its completion. Legend has it that the building was erected backward and he killed himself in disgrace. His ghost has manifested as a face on a stage ...

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    Northwestern State University Campus

    Natchitoches, Louisiana

    52.7 miles from Sabine County, TX

    A ghostly woman that students call Isabella is reported to haunt the campus.

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    Front Street

    Natchitoches, Louisiana

    53.6 miles from Sabine County, TX

    The street is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a confederate soldier.

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    Magnolia Plantation

    Cloutierville, Louisiana

    55.5 miles from Sabine County, TX

    The 1830 Magnolia Plantation has a main plantation house, slaves' quarters, store, blacksmith shop and slave hospital. The site, built by Ambrose Lecomte II and his wife Julia Buard, is now owned by the National Park Service and is believed to be haunted by mistreated slaves. Reports say that the ...

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    Diboll House

    Diboll, Texas

    55.6 miles from Sabine County, TX

    This small residential property is believed to be haunted. It was apparently a former sector of a nursing home, before conversion to a one story house. Former resident reported being attacked by an aggressive entity, and of seeing a shadowy apparition running through the hallways at night. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Keachi Women's College

    Keachi, Louisiana

    58.6 miles from Sabine County, TX

    Cold spots and ghostly moans are reported to happen on the second floor.

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    St. Maurice Plantation

    Natchitoches, Louisiana

    59.6 miles from Sabine County, TX

    It is said that the ghost of a child comes from the cemetery and visits the manor home, making sudden noises or rushing past. He also likes to change the pages on the calendar. He is believed to have started the fire that burned the mansion down in 1980.

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    Buena Vista Plantation

    Sabine County, Louisiana

    61.8 miles from Sabine County, TX

    It's a plantation. In the south. It was used for a Civil War hospital. Of course it's haunted. The usual - civil war soldiers have been spotted. Currently a private home and not open to the public.

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    Old Ellerbe School

    Shreveport, Louisiana

    67.5 miles from Sabine County, TX

    Rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of children who died in a fire at the school.

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    Elizabeth Town Hall

    Elizabeth, Louisiana

    70.7 miles from Sabine County, TX

    Probably the only thing to beware at this town hall are the very sketchy rumors of it being haunted. Very little anecdotal evidence exists to support the claims, but we'll include it for the sake of completeness.

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    Taylortown Tower

    Elm Grove, Louisiana

    73.6 miles from Sabine County, TX

    It's an eerie looking tower standing all alone in a field. Of course people will say it's haunted. It pretty much has to be. Rumor has it that it is haunted by yet another jilted bride, who either died of a broken heart, hanged herself in grief, ...

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    Old Jail - Pea Farm

    Shreveport, Louisiana

    75.9 miles from Sabine County, TX

    The old jail is reported to be haunted by former inmates, especially in the women's section of the jail. Those wishing to view it for themselves should be aware that the jail is owned by the GE plant next door and they do call the cops and prosecute anyone ...

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    Big Woods Cemetery

    Vinton, Louisiana

    76.8 miles from Sabine County, TX

    Shadows and electrical interference are the two big ticket items to look for when visiting Big Woods cemetery.

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    Light of Saratoga - Bragg Road Ghost Lights

    Saratoga, Texas

    80.1 miles from Sabine County, TX

    The Ghost Light is known to appear and disappear at night without a known cause. Some attribute the phenomena to swamp gas; others say it is the spirit of a railroad worker who was decapitated in a train accident and is searching for his head. The light is said to ...

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    Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Site

    Gibsland, Louisiana

    88 miles from Sabine County, TX

    They say that on the night of the full moon, you can hear the sounds of gunfire. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense since Bonnie and Clyde died in the bright morning sunshine, but regardless, it's an interesting spot to visit, just a little pull out on the ...