Haunted Places in Republic County, Kansas

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    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Republic County, Kansas.

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    Brown Grand Theatre

    Concordia, Kansas

    17.7 miles from Republic County, KS

    At this theater and opera house you may see more than just a show. Locals say a ghost haunts this theater, and is especially active during the opening season.

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    TrailBlazers - Old Montgomery Ward Building

    Fairbury, Nebraska

    32.7 miles from Republic County, KS

    Formerly TrailBlazers restaurant and before that a Montgomery Ward department store, this office building is believed to be haunted due to reports that objects move about on their own here.

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    Hollenberg Pony Express Station

    Hanover, Kansas

    43.1 miles from Republic County, KS

    The historic Hollenberg Pony Express Station is a state park with a museum and visitor center, and both employees and guests have reported seeing signs of the supernatural here. Apparitions of Pony Express riders have been seen in the summer months, and the sound of running hooves and shouts are ...

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    Coon Creek Bridge

    Barnes, Kansas

    43.7 miles from Republic County, KS

    About five miles south of Barnes on the east side of Coon Creek Bridge, you may see the ghost of a young girl walking through the woods, especially just before sunrise. Her identity is unknown, as townspeople have no knowledge of any deaths ever occurring nearby.

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    Weaver Hotel

    Waterville, Kansas

    48.9 miles from Republic County, KS

    The 1905 hotel served as railroad accommodation, and the original inn and restaurant are in operation over a century later. The establishment is rumoured to be haunted by two spirits, including the wife of a former owner and a workman who threw himself to his death during a bout ...

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    Haunted Bridge

    Republic County, Nebraska

    50.6 miles from Republic County, KS

    The 1885 story of the haunted bridge begins with Tom Jones and his widowed sister Elizabeth Taylor, who were fighting with their neighbors over their cattle getting into their neighbors' crops. Tom and Elizabeth felt unsafe over the turmoil and bought a shotgun. Soon after, some men were cutting trees ...

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    Schroyer Cemetery

    Marysville, Kansas

    51.9 miles from Republic County, KS

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    Gilbert Cemetery

    Friend, Nebraska

    59.2 miles from Republic County, KS

    The Gilberts, an 1890s pioneer family, are said to haunt this cemetery. Folks have reported that tombstones may move and unexplained noises can be heard on the site.

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    Hastings College

    Hastings, Nebraska

    65.1 miles from Republic County, KS

    The ghost of a music professor is said to show up in the music hall as an apparition or an orb. He also is said to turn lights on and off. Also, the Altman Hall is said to be haunted by namesake Clara Altman, who is said to act as ...

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    Doane College Library

    Crete, Nebraska

    66.1 miles from Republic County, KS

    The college library is believed to be haunted by a woman in a white dress who appears in the basement or in front of a window during the full moon.

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    Fort Riley

    Milford, Kansas

    66.5 miles from Republic County, KS

    At this 1850s Civil War fort, visitors may see more than war relics. According to local legend, an apparition of a woman in chains can be seen walking across the fields, and a group of spectral riders appear on the Cavalry Parade Field. One dismounts, and the rest ride away. ...

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    Rivendell Book Store

    Abilene, Kansas

    67.1 miles from Republic County, KS

    Bookstore owners have reported shadowy figures, the unexplained sound of jingle bells at Christmastime, and books that seemed to be pushed off of shelves by unseen hands. It is reported that, appropriately, one of the books that fell off the shelves was called "Living with Ghosts."

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    Old Abilene Town

    Abilene, Kansas

    67.5 miles from Republic County, KS

    This recreation of "Old Town Abilene" features mock gunfights, shopping at the "General Store," and if some people are to be believed, ghosts! In fact, the "Ghost Tours of Kansas" company listed Old Abilene Town as the most haunted spot in the state in 2012. We don't have ...

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    Moon Lake

    Fort Riley, Kansas

    69 miles from Republic County, KS

    Near Moon Lake is reportedly a Chief's Circle. Witnesses describe what look like fireflies in sets of two that stay close to the ground, whoops and howls. The lights are rumored to be the eyes of braves' spirits protecting the area.

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    Kansas State University

    Manhattan, Kansas

    71.7 miles from Republic County, KS

    Kansas State University's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house is rumored to be haunted by a former fraternity brother named Duncan, who died from a hazing accident. And the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House is said to be haunted by a former house mother who was murdered by the house cook. ...

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    East Stadium - Purple Masque Theatre

    Manhattan, Kansas

    72.1 miles from Republic County, KS

    The Stadium was dedicated in the early '20s in remembrance of students and graduates who died in WWI. The East Stadium was the college's athletic center until the 1950s, when a new athletic center was built. After this, the Purple Masque Theatre occupied Rooms 109 and 121 on the first ...

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    Old Saint Mary Hospital

    Manhattan, Kansas

    72.7 miles from Republic County, KS

    Old Saint Mary Hospital was built in 1907, which is no longer a hospital, is said to be haunted by two spirits from its hospital days. One is a night nurse who fell to her death down an elevator shaft, seen carrying a tray and a candle on the first ...

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    Wolf House Museum

    Manhattan, Kansas

    72.9 miles from Republic County, KS

    Apparitions of men with canes in top hats have been reported here, as well as phantom conversations and dishes being violently thrown against the wall. Legend has it that the museum building was once a brothel, and one of its workers was murdered there... and fast-forward to several years later: ...

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    Witch's Grave

    Aurora, Nebraska

    75.5 miles from Republic County, KS

    The ancient, isolated grave in the Aurora city cemetery, the "witch’s grave," has a mossy tombstone and a protruding marker, said to be a warning to deter others from witchcraft. So the story goes, the "witch" was eccentric, which was enough for the townsfolk to label her a witch and ...

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    Concordia University - David Hall

    Seward, Nebraska

    80.6 miles from Republic County, KS

    The David Dorm is rumored to be haunted by Native Americans whose 1700s bones were found when the dorm was built in the 1970s. Residents say electronic appliances and showers turn on by themselves.

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    Midland Railroad Hotel

    Wilson, Kansas

    82 miles from Republic County, KS

    Built at the turn of the twentieth century, this historic hotel was the site of an inferno in 1902 that gutted the building, and it has been established that several guests perished in the blaze that took place. Guests staying on the third floor have reportedly smelt smoke and ...

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    Robber's Cave - Van Dorn Park

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    82.5 miles from Republic County, KS

    Robber's Cave, in southwest Lincoln near the intersection of 10th and High streets, was called Pahuk Bluff by the Pawnee Indians who came here to contact Tirawa, the god of all things. The cave was later a stop on the Underground Railroad and, in 1876, a hideout for Jesse James. ...

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    Lake Street Lake - Rudge Memorial Park

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    83.1 miles from Republic County, KS

    Formerly dairy farm, and then a skating rink, the park is said to be haunted by a little boy killed long ago by a gang of bullies. Apparitions have been reported to occur in winter near the creek.

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    Nebraska State Capitol

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    84.2 miles from Republic County, KS

    The Nebraska State Capitol was built over 10 years (1922-1932), and is still the home of Nebraska's government. It is said to be haunted by an apparition of someone falling, along with screaming and crying. It is thought to be either a man who had a heart attack and fell ...

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    Antelope Park

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    84.4 miles from Republic County, KS

    Near Antelope Park's memorial, behind the caretaker's house, is a field. Witnesses report that many apparitions have been seen in this field, walking across it and into the woods.

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    Temple Theatre

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    84.6 miles from Republic County, KS

    This theater at the University of Nebraska, founded in 1869, is the centerpiece for some oft-told campus tales. In the 1940s, a student was said to have fallen to his death from the overhead rigging during a production of MacBeth, and now his apparition is said to appear during Shakespeare ...

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    Richmond House

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    86.2 miles from Republic County, KS

    In the 1920s there was a triple murder suicide involving the husband, Bill, his wife Venus, her lover and their baby. Bill killed Venus by shotgun... he then laid on the railroad tracks near the home and was killed by a train. The baby was never found... In a corner ...

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    Old Captain's Studio

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    87.4 miles from Republic County, KS

    This historic building was formerly the residence of a retired sea captain, who owned a studio on the upper floor. Tenants of a law firm now located on the premises have reported seeing his apparition on several occasions over the years. (Submitted by Callum Swift)