Haunted Places in Putnam County, Missouri

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Putnam County, Missouri. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Missouri.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Putnam County, Missouri.

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    Centerville Railroad Tracks

    Centerville, Iowa

    18.6 miles from Putnam County, MO

    Local legend sayd that if you park your car on these railroad tracks and shut it off, an unseen force will push you off the tracks. Reports say you can hear footsteps in the gravel while the spirits of children are pushing your car.

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    Stoneking Cemetery

    Russell, Iowa

    43 miles from Putnam County, MO

    There is a lot of mystery and talk surrounding this cemetery, a family plot near what was once the abandoned house. Some say there are dangerous trees in the back of the cemetery, and those who walked behind them would catch a glimpse of the Stone King sitting on his ...

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    Davis City Cemetery

    Davis City, Iowa

    43.6 miles from Putnam County, MO

    It is said that visitors to the cemetery may exoerience a sudden feeling of pressure as they enter. Shooting lights also have been reported streaming across the grounds very late at night.

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    Mars Hill Church

    Bloomfield, Iowa

    45.1 miles from Putnam County, MO

    This old log cabin church is actually a restoration using salvaged timber from vintage barns. The church had been in existence from 1856 til 2006 when some dirtbag arsonist decided to burn the place to the ground. Rumors of it being haunted however have become something of local ...

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    Hotel Baring

    Edina, Missouri

    45.7 miles from Putnam County, MO

    This historic hotel is believed to be haunted, and was formerly a railroad stopover during the early twentieth century era. The building is believed to be haunted by several apparitions, who are believed to be associated the building as it changed hands and uses over the many years of its ...

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    Terre Haute Cemetery

    Decatur City, Iowa

    47.5 miles from Putnam County, MO

    The spirit of a little boy can be seen playing on the swingset behind a cabin adjacent to the cemetery. He may motion for you to follow him into the cemetery, where he is buried. Once at his grave, he disappears.

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    Hotel Ottumwa

    Ottumwa, Iowa

    48.9 miles from Putnam County, MO

    An apparition of a lady in white haunts the hotel basement, which formerly served as a ballroom. The ghost of a man in a suit haunts the hallways of the hotel. Strange noises and voices have been heard. The face of a man has also been seen in the hotel ...

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    Ottumwa Cemetery

    Ottumwa, Iowa

    50 miles from Putnam County, MO

    Night visitors to the cemetery have seen shadowed figures sitting on tombstones or running behind trees, and heard whispering and footsteps in the grass. There has also been reported a white cat who will run in circles around your feet, and then vanish.

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    New Virginia Cemetery - Beymer Cemetery

    New Virginia, Iowa

    61.2 miles from Putnam County, MO

    This is the gravesite of New Virginia's first settler. As legend has it, the gravestone has been replaced at some time over the years. Locals say an eerie glow will come from the stone at midnight, a protestation from the ghost, angry about the change.

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    Penguin Lady of Graham Hall

    Pella, Iowa

    63.9 miles from Putnam County, MO

    At Central College in Graham Hall, there is a locked room rumored to be inhabited by someone they've nicknamed the Penguin Lady. Residents there say if you place a sheet of paper under the door, it will be quickly sucked into the locked room. When the staff unlock the door, ...

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    Top of the Rock Grille

    Fairfield, Iowa

    66.1 miles from Putnam County, MO

    The origin of the hauntings at this restaurant is uncertain. What IS certain, is that it's haunted. Witnesses have seen objects moving by themselves in the kitchen and heard whispering and voices in the bathrooms. They have also heard the sound of people walking on the upper floors when no ...

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    Old Chapel - College Hall

    Indianola, Iowa

    67.6 miles from Putnam County, MO

    Legend has it that around the turn of the 20th century, a young man, distraught over a love affair, killed himself here. Then in the 1920s, a young woman did the same. Several more people are rumored to have met their ends in this hall, and folks say their spirits ...

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    St Boniface Cemetery

    Brunswick, Missouri

    72 miles from Putnam County, MO

    At St. Boniface Cemetery, there have been reports of unearthly figures walking over the grounds at night and disembodied voices.

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    Maple Hill Mansion

    Monroe, Iowa

    72.4 miles from Putnam County, MO

    This home was picked up and moved in early 2013, to a spot some six miles away from its original location. The man who had purchased the land and house wanted to tear it down and build a new home on the spot, so a preservationist purchased the house ...

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    Clubb House Restaurant

    Sigourney, Iowa

    72.6 miles from Putnam County, MO

    Lots of orbs and ghosts, pans falling off shelves! Customers feeling people touching them. (Submitted by Debbie and Justin)

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    Avon Railroad Tracks

    Carlisle, Iowa

    77.3 miles from Putnam County, MO

    Reports say an apparition appears of an old man holding a lantern and walking along the tracks. Before too long, the man simply vanishes.

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    Des Moines International Airport

    Des Moines, Iowa

    79.8 miles from Putnam County, MO

    There are two ghost stories around this airport. Some offices are haunted by a flight attendant, usually in the fall season. The offices used to be the site of a restaurant called the Cloud Room, and the flight attendant wanders there as if looking for her flight. Also, laughing and ...

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    Air Lanes Bowling Center

    Des Moines, Iowa

    80.7 miles from Putnam County, MO

    According to local legend, behind the bowling alley is an upstairs area that was used for illegal gambling in the 1920s. Reports say if you gain access to a room down the hallway, you may hear people talking, dice rolling, and you may even hear a ghostly disembodied voice calling ...

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    Jordan House

    West Des Moines, Iowa

    83.5 miles from Putnam County, MO

    This museum is allegedly haunted by the ghost of the young daughter of the original owner. She died when she was three years old after falling from the stair railing she was sliding down and breaking her neck. People claim they still see and hear her playing throughout the ...

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    The Van Meter Creature

    Van Meter, Iowa

    87.2 miles from Putnam County, MO

    First seen in 1903, the Van Meter Creature is a monster with batlike wings and a horn on its head that glows with blinding light. It may also manifest as a hovering spot of light. Shortly after it began to terrorize the townsfolk, strange sounds started coming from a coal ...