Haunted Places in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Oklahoma.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

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    Johnson House Inn

    Hugo, Oklahoma

    28.8 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    The 1910 residence of a former 'hanging' judge and his wife is rumoured to be haunted. Now a bed and breakfast inn, inexplicable occurrences have taken place over the years, such as disembodied footsteps, a woman's voice and a rocking chair that rocks by itself. A one-time housekeeper swore ...

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    Kiamichi Kitchen

    Talihina, Oklahoma

    30 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    The Kiamichi Kitchen, now demolished, was housed in a former private home. It was said to be haunted by a ghost called George who would turn the lights and the radio on and off and make noises late at night.

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    Wheelock Mission

    Millerton, Oklahoma

    36.7 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    According to the local stories, the hauntings at Wheelock Mission began when a man broke into the girls' mission and murdered the girls. Witnesses say that the walls and trees bleed, and apparitions sit in chairs or hang from trees. One story tells of some teens who tried to steal ...

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    Slate Shoals Mansion

    Arthur City, Texas

    38.9 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    The mansion that once stood here was said to me haunted. Witnesses have reported uneasy feelings when around it, and strange sounds that came from it. Some have seen a ghostly woman in the attic and a wheelchair that moved by itself. Cabins in the back were said to be ...

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    Mary Jane's 1896 Cafe and Pub

    McAlester, Oklahoma

    41.9 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    Mary Jane’s 1896 Bar & Grille is also known as "The 1896" -- and the place was, in fact, built in 1896. Legend has it that there were several deaths, including murders and suicides, in the apartment above it, and the resultant ghosts like to play pranks. One ghost likes ...

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    Idabel, Oklahoma

    49.2 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    The ghost of a little girl is said to haunt this fast-food restaurant. She has been seen going into the men's restroom before opening hours, and she has been blamed for all the women's restroom toilets flushing at once. Her laughter has been heard in the women's restroom, and employees ...

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    Kulli Tuklo Methodist Church

    Idabel, Oklahoma

    53.3 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    The church and nearby cemetery are believed to be haunted. The bell at the church sometimes rings by itself at night, and people have reported hearing ghostly singing and laughter. The church doors open and close late at night, and people have reported seeing a shadowy figure approaching the church ...

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    Southeastern Oklahoma State University

    Durant, Oklahoma

    63.9 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    At Southeastern Oklahoma State University's Morrison Building, the apparition of a little boy has been seen walking around the basement. Apparently there used to be a pool here, and the little boy drowned in it. It is also said that a janitor died here under mysterious circumstances. And at the ...

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    Avon Cemetery

    De Queen, Arkansas

    64.3 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    A ghostly baby and mother are said to haunt the cemetery. Local legend has it that if you drop a rock into the well in the center of the cemetery at night, you will hear the baby crying. The baby's mother has been seen running through the cemetery. According to ...

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    Old Fort Smith Courthouse

    Fort Smith, Arkansas

    85.9 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    The old courthouse that still stands here was the sight of many a death sentence handed out in the late 19th century - the hangings occurred just outside.  It is said that the ghosts of the condemned men still roam this area.

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    Fort Chaffee

    Fort Smith, Arkansas

    86.7 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    This historic site, now an Army National Guard station and training center, is reported to be haunted. The site, which experienced major fires in 2008, has also been used in several films, including A Soldier's Story in 1984, Biloxi Blues in 1988, and The Tuskegee Airmen in 1995. Elvis Presley ...

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    King Opera House

    Van Buren, Arkansas

    91.1 miles from Pushmataha County, OK

    Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a young actor who was killed by an enraged father who objected to the actor's intentions to elope with his daughter.