Haunted Places in Powhatan County, Virginia

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    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Powhatan County, Virginia.

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    Amelia Wildlife Management Area

    Amelia Court House, Virginia

    5.7 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    A ghostly "charred lady" is said to roam the wildlife reserve, but she has company, as other apparitions have been seen here as well. The spot has been a dumping place for murder victims as well as a party spot for teens.

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    Haw Branch Plantation

    Amelia Court House, Virginia

    11.2 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The circa-1735 Haw Branch Plantation, first settled by Colonel Thomas Tabb and wife Rebecca Booker, is the site of many strange occurrences such as footsteps, nighttime sounds of heavy objects falling, and an unexplained rose perfume scent. A loud scream regularly comes from the attic, at about 6-month intervals, and ...

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    Tuckahoe Plantation

    Henrico, Virginia

    14.4 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Thomas Randolph and son William Randolph III built the plantation in the 1700s, and it is reported to still be privately owned. Rumor has it that it's haunted by a female ghost who, in life, was forced to marry against her will. Believed to have died of a broken heart ...

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    Waverly House

    Richmond, Virginia

    21.8 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Many past tenants and residents of this stately home have reported sighting the apparition of a sad, elderly man on the stairs. He is believed to be Benjamin Green, a former resident of the house. Private residence, do not disturb. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Bremo Plantation

    Bremo Bluff, Virginia

    24 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    One house here is said to be haunted by Anne Blaws Barraud Cocke, wife of John Hartwell Cocke, War of 1812 brigadier general and the builder of the plantation estate.

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    Tribble Farm

    Blackstone, Virginia

    24.6 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    This old farm house is currently the home of both female and male spirits including a child who likes to peek around corners at you. There have been photos of a lady dressed in turn of the century (1800's) clothing as well as a man dressed in military clothing. ...

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    Mills House

    Beaverdam, Virginia

    25.9 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Mysterious fires broke out at the Mills House in January 2014, destroying it. The place was a historic home to bachelor farmer Buster Mills, the last of the Mills family who lived there; he died after a stroke in 1989. Locals remember Buster talking about "haints" in the home's front ...

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    Governor's Mansion - Executive Mansion

    Richmond, Virginia

    26.5 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The Virginia Governor's Mansion, or Executive Mansion, is the oldest occupied governor's mansion in the U.S., serving since 1813. In the 1890s, the apparition of a lady was seen sitting at the window by then-governor Philip McKinney. She was seen later by a police officer, and since then has caused ...

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    Museum of the Confederacy

    Richmond, Virginia

    26.6 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Part of this museum is the former White House of the Confederacy, containing Civil War artifacts, manuscripts, Confederate imprints (books and pamphlets) and photos--and that's not all: It also has a ghost. This portion of the museum is believed to be haunted by the spirit of Jefferson Davis' 5-year-old son.

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    Richmond, Virginia

    26.8 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Julep's is a restaurant now, but in 1826 it was the weapon shop where Daniel Denoon, an apprentice gunsmith, was shot to death by shop owner James McNaught. Denoon's ghost is said to have inhabited the restaurant ever since 2003, when the new owners began a remodeling project that turned ...

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    Edgar Allan Poe Museum

    Richmond, Virginia

    26.8 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Built around 1754 as a private home, the "little stone house" located a few blocks from Poe's boyhood home has housed a collection of Poe artifacts since the early 1900s. At about this time began the rumors of its hauntings. At least three ghosts are believed to reside or at ...

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    Randolph-Macon College

    Ashland, Virginia

    28 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    At Randolph-Macon College, three places are rumored to be haunted. At Mary Branch, a girls' dorm, at least two ghosts are said to reside. Doors open and close by themselves, and objects are moved or disappear. In the SAE Fraternity House, witnesses have described strange noises and apparitions of soldiers ...

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    Brooker's Site

    Mechanicsville, Virginia

    30.1 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    This was the site of a old house built in the mid to early 19th century. The house has been gone and the site of the house is now home to a United States post office. However, the house back in the mid 1800s owned 125 acres that today is ...

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    Longwood University

    Farmville, Virginia

    31.6 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    A spooky story surrounds the statue of the Confederate Hero, dedicated Oct. 11, 1900, on High Street. Legend has it that when you can see the statue’s shadow on the wall of the camupus' East Ruffner Building, all is well. When you cannot, the soldier's ghost is out protecting the ...

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    Parker's Battery

    Chester, Virginia

    31.8 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Parkers Battery was part of the Confederate defenses known as the Howlett Line, and saw frequent battles. It was occupied by Confederate forces until the fall of Petersburg, and some may still remain today. Witnesses describe apparitions of soldiers in the bunkers, and the soldiers are said to look either ...

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    Old Central State Hospital

    Petersburg, Virginia

    34.9 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Central State Hospital, previously Central Lunatic Asylum, was the first institution in the country for African Americans of "unsound mind." In the 1840s, if slave owners could pay the fees they could have their slaves committed. Some of the old grounds still operates as a hospital; other buildings have been ...

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    Appomattox Manor

    Hopewell, Virginia

    38.5 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Appomattox Manor was the former plantation owned by Dr. Richard Eppes, which became Union headquarters during the Civil War. Now a restored museum, the manor is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Union soldier. So the story goes, a nurse had been hiding him in the basement ...

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    Shirley Plantation

    Charles City, Virginia

    38.7 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The very first house on the plantation was built in 1613--reportedly the oldest house in the U.S. But it's the mid-18th-century house here, possibly owned by private residents, that has a ghost story involving a painting in a second-story bedroom. It's a portrait of Aunt Pratt, and its story began ...

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    Castle Hill Manor

    Keswick, Virginia

    42.5 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Castle Hill Manor is a privately owned historic mansion said to be haunted by a female ghost who wears perfume and sometimes appears in a room known as the pink bedroom. Former owner Amelie Rives is suspected to linger here in spirit as well.

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    Edgewood Plantation

    Charles City, Virginia

    42.8 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    At this 1849 plantation house, Lizzie Rowland is the ghost in residence. It is said that she is waiting for her beloved soldier to return from the Civil War. Her ghost is said to peek out from behind a curtain in an upstairs window, watching and waiting. Edgewood Plantation was ...

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    Civil War Museum - Exchange Hotel

    Gordonsville, Virginia

    42.9 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The Civil War Museum at the Exchange Hotel is rumored to house some residents who died over a century ago. The hotel became a hospital in 1862, and was considered America’s first triage hospital. One of the ghosts here is believed to be a Union corporal who was the last ...

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    Charlottesville, Virginia

    43.3 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    People believe that Jefferson has never left his beloved Monticello and they claim to see Jefferson's ghost wandering the grounds and also to hear whistling, something that Jefferson was prone to doing as he toured the property.

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    The Old Mansion - Bowling Green Farm

    Bowling Green, Virginia

    46.1 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The ghost of Colonel John Waller Hoomes, who built this house in 1670, haunts his old home, some say. His daughter Sophia has been witnessed around the property as well, usually riding in a coach to visit her father's home. And one more ghost who resides here is a Mrs. ...

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    Mayhurst Inn

    Orange, Virginia

    48.4 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    At this 1859 inn, folks have reported some strange happenings. There is a general feeling of being watched, and in the Madison Room, some have found the windows to open by themselves.

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    Deep Creek Vintage

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

    50.6 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The former plantation manor housing the store was built about 1750 and enlarged until the 1860s. Its ghosts, of which there are many, have been heard and seen. Typical activity includes footsteps, knocking, soft voices and singing, and people (especially women with long hair) being touched. More rarely, objects ...

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    The Inn At Willow Grove

    Orange, Virginia

    51.3 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Strange things are afoot at the Inn at Willow Grove. Folks have reported hearing noises from vacant rooms and mysterious footsteps. The apparitions of Confederate soldiers also have been witnessed sitting under a large tree in front of the inn.

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    Historic Kenmore Plantation

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

    57.5 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    This 1752 mansion is haunted by the husband of George Washington's sister, Betty. Colonel Fielding Lewis, who died in the 1780s, spent many an hour in the upstairs bedroom worrying about money. His ghost can be seen in Revolutionary-era attire poring over his documents. His footsteps have been heard as ...

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    Fall Hill Plantation

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

    57.9 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Fall Hill Plantation is a private residence haunted by a Native American Sioux princess named Katina who was engaged as a nanny for the Thorton family who lived here in the 1770s. Witnesses have described Katina's apparition as well as moving shadows, disembodied voices, electrical anomalies, and doors opening by ...

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    Chatham Manor

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

    58.1 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Chatham Manor was a plantation overlooking the Rappahannock River, began in 1768 by William Fitzhugh. It had a dairy, icehouse, barns, stables, fish hatchery, orchard, mill and even a horse racetrack. Many famous historic figures have had ties here, visiting for elaborate parties. The home has been the site of ...

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    The Lafayette Inn

    Stanardsville, Virginia

    59 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Rumor has it that a phantom bloodstain in the foyer returns daily from a Confederate soldier who long ago committed suicide after the stress of learning his wife had been unfaithful with a Yankee soldier. The soldier's ghost is said to wander the halls at night with a pistol, still ...

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    Linden House Bed and Breakfast Plantation

    Caret, Virginia

    59.9 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Reports say that this historic bed-and-breakfast is no longer open for business. When it was, it was often visited by ghosts. The building was known to harbor mysterious aromas, and footsteps were often heard on the 3rd and 4th floors. Strange lights, orange and yellow in color, were said to ...

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    Lamb's Creek Church

    King George, Virginia

    60.6 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The historic Lamb's Creek Church dates back to the 1700s, and legend tells of a ghostly woman in white who appeared kneeling at the chancel rail to two Confederate soldiers.

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    Aquia Church

    Stafford, Virginia

    69 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    This church, built in the mid-1700s, and its cemetery are said to be popular spots with the haunts. The old graveyard has tombstones dating back to the 1730s.

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    Conyers House

    Sperryville, Virginia

    71 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    A man named Sim Wright lived here from 1924 to 1964, with his wife Martha. It is said that he still haunts the inn to this day.

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    Stratford Hall

    Montross, Virginia

    71.9 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Stratford Hall Plantation was the home of the Lee family, including two Declaration of Independence signers, and it was Robert E. Lee's birthplace. It is said to be haunted by Elizabeth McCarty Storke, rumored to have had an affair with Henry Lee, Robert E. Lee's step-brother, when she was only ...

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    Weems Botts Museum

    Dumfries, Virginia

    77.2 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Weems–Botts House Museum is dedicated to the history of Dumfries and the two people who lived here: Mason Locke "Parson" Weems and attorney Benjamin Botts. Weems (1759-1825) was a clergyman and author, the first biographer of George Washington, who created the cherry tree story ("I cannot tell a lie, I ...

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    Virginia Quilt Museum

    Harrisonburg, Virginia

    80.8 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    This 1856 antebellum home was formerly known as the Warren-Sip House, and during the Civil War, it served as a hospital for wounded soldiers. Visitors to the current museum have reported sighting the apparition of a Confederate soldier on the second floor of the building. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Bridgewater College

    Bridgewater, Virginia

    81 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    Cole Hall at the est.-1880 Bridgewater College is rumored to be haunted by its namesake, Dr. Charles Knox Cole. Built in 1929 by Cole's daughter, Mrs. Virginia Garber Cole Strickler, the hall is an auditorium, and Mr. Cole's ghost is said to attend the plays shown there. The ghost sits ...

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    By the Side of the Road Bed and Breakfast

    Harrisonburg, Virginia

    82.3 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    This historic b&b was built just a bit after the American Revolution, and it was used a Civil War hospital in 1864. It is said that when the area was burned by Union soldiers, the flame-retardant building just wouldn't catch fire, so it became a sort of haven during the ...

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    Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House Museum

    Waldorf, Maryland

    94.2 miles from Powhatan County, VA

    The historic house museum is said to be haunted by the apparition of Mrs. Frankie Mudd. Witnesses also have heard unexplained voices, and during a Civil War reenactment, electric candles in the windows repeatedly turned on by themselves. A human-shaped bed impression routinely appears in a room where John Wilkes ...