Haunted Places in Portage County, Wisconsin

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    Cottage House Restaurant

    Plover, Wisconsin

    The restaurant was originally called the Sherman House Restaurant, but closed down due to paranormal activity. Glass windows had a habit of shattering, glasses and plates would fly off bars and counters and explode in front of customers. Doors opened and closed by themselves and lights in the offices and ...

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    Amherst Inn

    Amherst, Wisconsin

    This 1877 bed and breakfast inn's claim to fame is that while it operated as a hotel, John Dillinger visited and had lunch there. He left the waitress a five dollar tip (a lot of money in that day) and has since been immortalized in the establishment's colourful history. ...

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    Boy Scout Lane

    Stevens Point, Wisconsin

    Local legend tells of a group of boy scouts that were murdered along this road. While there is no evidence of this actually happening, people still report seeing disembodied faces as well as hearing voices when they travel along this road. Submitted by Chris Berglund