Haunted Places in Phelps County, Missouri

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Phelps County, Missouri. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Missouri.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Phelps County, Missouri.

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    Woodlock Cemetery

    Davisville, Missouri

    33.6 miles from Phelps County, MO

    The hilltop Woodlock Cemetery has a stone staircase set in the hillside, and this is the area where the haunted activity is said to take place. Apparitions and a phantom horse are among the phenomena reported, but as this land is now private property, trespassing is not advised.

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    Historic Castle House

    Brumley, Missouri

    40.4 miles from Phelps County, MO

    The Historic Castle House is a 165 year-old Queen Anne Victorian that's been restored and now functions as a "haunted" bed and breakfast. Activity includes lights turning on and off by themselves, cold spots, footsteps, whispering and whistling noises, and some visitors claim to have captured ghostly pictures on ...

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    Missouri State Penitentiary

    Jefferson City, Missouri

    52.1 miles from Phelps County, MO

    Missouri State Penitentiary, explored by TV's Ghost Hunters and over 100 other paranormal investigators, is rumored to be extremely rich with paranormal activity. Witnesses have reported apparitions and unexplained noises, perhaps a result of some leftover spirits from the now-decommissioned prison's bloodier days. Visitors are offered ghost tours, ghost hunts, ...

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    Caledonia Wine Cottage

    Caledonia, Missouri

    56.2 miles from Phelps County, MO

    Since the place was renovated in 2006, many paranormal experiences have been reported. Folks have heard a friendly elderly voice saying hello, and there have been many reports of toddler-aged children waving at someone the adults can't see or playing with another child named Erica that doesn't seem to exist. ...

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    Boondocker Inn

    New Haven, Missouri

    58.7 miles from Phelps County, MO

    No longer an inn, this establishment can be rented out for events. It is said to be haunted by four ghosts: a man who is wearing boots, a little girl, a boy who screams, and a woman who wears a flowered shirt. Also, objects have been known to float and ...

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    Wine Valley Inn

    Hermann, Missouri

    60.3 miles from Phelps County, MO

    The historic Wine Valley Inn is believed to be haunted by the male ghost of a former owner. He has been known to whisper things from the dark corners of rooms, charge the air with static electricity, and even sometimes appear as a shadowy figure.

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    Darlene’s One Stop

    Berger, Missouri

    60.5 miles from Phelps County, MO

    Darlene’s One Stop, a sports bar and grill once known as Mac’s Cafe, is said to be haunted by a man who ised to live in an apartment above the restaurant. Jack Schaefer was an explosive character and an abusive boyfriend and stepfather. In one incidence he was found firing ...

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    Thias House

    Washington, Missouri

    63.3 miles from Phelps County, MO

    Although this building still stands, reports say it is no longer open for business. It used to be open for tours and as a restaurant, and witnesses there saw an apparition of a lady combing her hair at the dresser in the master bedroom. Some also reported someone touching their ...

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    Missouri Theatre

    Columbia, Missouri

    79.5 miles from Phelps County, MO

    The ornate Missouri Theatre was built in 1928, designed to resemble the Paris Opera House. A former owner is said to linger here in spirit, operating the theater curtains and making strange clanking sounds.

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    Stephens College

    Columbia, Missouri

    79.6 miles from Phelps County, MO

    St. Stephens College has many ghosts, according to its campus lore. One haunted site is the Pillsbury/Roblee Dorm Hall, where three ghostly women called the Blue Ladies sing to students and tuck them in to bed at night. And a phantom baby cries at night at Searcy Hall, a lingering ...

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    Tiger Hotel

    Columbia, Missouri

    79.7 miles from Phelps County, MO

    This hotel, built in 1928, was turned into a "flop house" offering very cheap lodgings during the Depression. Many folks starved to death or died of illness in those hard times, and it is said that at least one of those poor souls lingers in the building. Strange things happen ...

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    Columbia College

    Columbia, Missouri

    80 miles from Phelps County, MO

    The Gray Lady is a campus legend about a ghost of a young Southern Belle who committed suicide after her lover was killed for trying to sneak into her dorm during the Civil War. Her apparition has been seen, and she has been known to close windows and iron clothes. ...

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    Jack's Gourmet Restaurant and Bar

    Columbia, Missouri

    80.2 miles from Phelps County, MO

    Jack's Gourmet Restaurant and Bar, housed in an 1800s building that was once a rowdy saloon, is believed to be haunted by Sarah, a woman who died on the premises long ago.

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    Kemper Military School - State Fair Community College

    Boonville, Missouri

    91.6 miles from Phelps County, MO

    The former Kemper Military School, now State Fair Community College, had a ghost of a female cadet who was killed along the track. Her apparition has been seen jogging around the track; it disappears when it gets to the spot where she was killed. The A, C and D Barracks ...

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    Old Cooper County Jail and Hanging Barn

    Boonville, Missouri

    91.7 miles from Phelps County, MO

    At the Old Cooper County Jail and Hanging Barn, built in 1848, folks say the ghost of a young prisoner materializes and pounds on the old cell doors. Dark shadow figures have been seen here as well.