Haunted Places in Passaic County, New Jersey

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    Clinton Road

    West Milford, New Jersey

    Clinton Road begins at Route 23 near Newfoundland and runs 10 miles to Upper Greenwood Lake. The area is said to be traversed by ghosts, odd creatures, devil worshippers, witches, and members of the Ku Klux Klan, and is known for being a spot where murderers choose to dispose of ...

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    Dey Mansion

    Totowa, New Jersey

    Dey (pronounced "dye") Mansion, formerly known as Bloomsbury Manor, is an 18th-century building that served several times as George Washington's Headquarters during the American Revolution. Witnesses say it is haunted by strange shadows and lights, and often visitors become frightened for no reason at all, especially in the conference room.

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    Ringwood Manor

    Ringwood, New Jersey

    Ringwood Manor began in 1740, built by the Ogden family, although it was expanded over the years. Witnesses say it is haunted, and report footsteps, locked doors that open on their own, chills, cold spots, and apparitions of former residents.