Haunted Places in Pasco County, Florida

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    Lakeview Rodeo

    Holiday, Florida

    A 2002 fire gutted the Lakeview Rodeo that used to be a hot spot for line-dancing in Holiday, FL... and ever since, some claim they see the spectre of a man standing in the exact location where the building once stood. We're not sure but it looks like its ...

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    St. Leo University

    St. Leo, Florida

    Not much information on this one - just that some stories have it that the ghost of a young woman is seen on campus, often walking through walls.

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    The Edwinola Hotel

    Dade City, Florida

    Although this 1912 hotel is no longer in operation, the building remains in use to this day. Staff and tenants at living quarters in the current establishment have reported elevators operating by themselves, ghostly voices coming from empty rooms, and the smell of cigar smoke. Others working the night ...