Haunted Places in Owyhee County, Idaho

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    Owyhee Mountain Dwarves

    Murphy, Idaho

    The cannibalistic dwarves said to live here, called little people by some, are strong and vicious creatures. It is said that they may kidnap children and eat them. Legends say they stand about 2 feet tall and have tails, which they hide by wrapping them around their bodies.

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    Ghost Stallion of Owyhee County

    Owyhee County, Idaho

    Locals in these parts will tell of a helpful pack of phantom horses. It is said that they materialize from a rift in the clouds to help when cowboys or farmers find themselvs in danger.

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    Marsing-Homedale Cemetery

    Marsing, Idaho

    Visitors here at night report a feeling of oppressive sadness and have seen "dancing" lights above the headstones. Some have attributed this to the fact that many people under age 18 have been buried here.