Haunted Places in Oconto County, Wisconsin

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    Port Townsend Resort - Hillcrest Lodge

    Townsend, Wisconsin

    The elderly Dr. Fred is the well-known ghostly resident at this 1940s lodge. He once lived on the third floor, but was hit by a car on the road in front of the lodge. He died from his injuries, but never left the place. He makes himself known by slamming ...

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    The Pines on Crooked Lake

    Crivitz, Wisconsin

    From the Pines Bar a curious apparition has been seen from the dock. An old man yells for help from a ghostly old fishing boat out in the middle of Crooked Lake. Shortly thereafter, boat and man are surrounded by mist and vanish from sight.

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    Gillett Historical Society

    Gillett, Wisconsin

    Built in 1908 by Ruth and John Smith, the historic mansion and museum is rumoured to be haunted. Local folk say the ghost is that of Mary Gillett (wife of the town founder), who used to live in a previous residence located on the site of the current structure ...