Haunted Places in Ocean County, New Jersey

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    The Grenville Hotel

    Bay Head, New Jersey

    Ghostly children playing and laughing in the halls, full-body apparitions and the sounds of bustling activity in empty rooms; people have been claiming the Grenville Hotel is haunted for years.

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    Surf City Hotel

    Surf City, New Jersey

    At this late-1800s hotel, apparitions have been seen and unexplained voices heard. Rumor has it that the hauntings may stem from a shipwreck of the Powhattan in 1854, which killed some 300 people. Bodies from the shipwreck were stored in this building for a bit, and it is said that ...

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    Magee's West Side Tavern - Shore House

    Point Pleasant, New Jersey

    Built in the 1800s, Magee's West Side Tavern, aka Shore House, aka West Point Hotel, is one haunted tavern, say witnesses. It is believed to be haunted. Glasses fall, windows break, and a witness was once locked in a closet by a prankster ghost. Perhaps there is truth to the ...

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    Hindenburg Crash Site

    Lakehurst, New Jersey

    The LZ 129 Hindenburg airship was completed in 1936 and made 17 round trips across the Atlantic Ocean in that year. But on the fateful evening of May 6, 1937, the airship caught fire and crashed, killing 36 people. The cause of the fire is unknown. Voices of men shouting ...

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    Elizabeth V. Edwards School

    Barnegat Township, New Jersey

    Elizabeth V. Edwards School, established in 1930 and closed in 2004, is rumored to have a ghost that sets off security systems, makes calls to phones that are not in service, and turns on lights in unoccupied buildings. The identity of the spirit is unknown for sure, but one report ...

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    Six Flags Great Adventure

    Jackson, New Jersey

    An unfortunately high number of guests have died here, from guest who fell off of Rolling Thunder, to another guest who died on the Lightnin' Loops attraction in 1987. However, most famously was the fire of the Haunted Castle which claimed teenagers. Mediums detect the presence of these people, but ...