Haunted Places in Navarro County, Texas

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    Lone Oak Cemetery

    Blooming Grove, Texas

    The Lone Oak Cemetery is a small graveyard that's rumored to be haunted by ghosts who whisper and make odd noises and flicking sounds along the barbed wire.

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    Emhouse School

    Corsicana, Texas

    This schoolhouse has been abandoned since the late 1950's, but allegedly paranormal activity has been and is still being reported inside the abandoned building. People have seen a flying apparition on the upper level of the building, and spectral lights have been observed on the upper and lower levels of ...

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    Dresden Cemetery

    Barry, Texas

    Rumors have it that this cemetery was built on an old Native American burial ground and that behind the back chain link fence you can see the sunken in graves of slaves. I don't know if any of this is true but the paranormal activity that occurs here cannot be ...