Haunted Places in Nassau County, New York

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    Execution Rocks Light

    Port Washington, New York

    The rocks here were once a place where Revolutionary War criminals and other wrongdoers were executed. They were chained here at low tide and faced a slow, cruel drowning as the tide rose. The rocks were long a danger to ships, so the lighthouse was built in 1847. In the ...

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    Raynham Hall Museum

    Oyster Bay, New York

    Raynham Hall has been known to be haunted since the early 1900s. Among the phenomena here are a phantom white horse and a rider, an apparition of an Irish servant named Michael Conlin, an elderly man's ghost seen coming down the stairs (believed to be Robert Townsend, the Revolutionary War ...

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    New York Institute of Technology

    Glen Head, New York

    Several of the older buildings at the Old Westbury campus of NYIT are considered to be haunted. In particular the art center, where the specter of a long-dead woman has allegedly frightened night-time cleaning crews out of the building. Hans Holzer, the legendary author and paranormal researcher, taught parapsychology at ...

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    Lakeview Station Area

    West Hempstead, New York

    Mysterious sightings near the Lakeview Station area are of a floating bluish-white light in the shape of an elderly man who walks (or floats) across the tracks or in front of houses. He then disappears. Some claim to have seen the apparition inside their house, which has frightened some family ...

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    New Hyde Park, New York

    At the Iceland ice-skating rink, ghostly beings are said to cause doors to open and close by themselves and hockey pucks to appear on the rink late at night. Witnesses have seen the apparition of a man in a baseball cap in the scoreboard operations room.