Haunted Places in Montmorency County, Michigan

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Montmorency County, Michigan. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Michigan.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Montmorency County, Michigan.

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    Fox Tower Cemetery

    Vanderbilt, Michigan

    32 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    At Fox Tower Cemetery, witnesses have described many unexplained things: Cool air, footsteps, and strange sightings.

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    Rayburn Lodge

    Grayling, Michigan

    35 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    According to local lore, while the mid-1900s building stood abandoned for several years, some teens broke in and held a seance. Afterward, they saw a lumberjack coming toward them from the river. He pointed at them and vanished, scaring the teens half to death. According to locals, the ghostly lumberjack ...

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    Old Presque Isle Light

    Presque Isle, Michigan

    38.3 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Local legend tales of a former lightkeeper's wife who was kept locked in the tower until she went insane. Her screams have been heard on the wind at night. Another legend, that of George Parris, surrounds this lighthouse. In the 1990s when the place became a museum, George and his ...

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    Pere Cheney

    Roscommon, Michigan

    39.9 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Pere Cheney is a ghost town in the heart of Michigan. At its peak, 1,500 lived here, but after a series of epidemics wiped out a majority of the population, the town was empty. Local legend says that the cause of this misfortune was the doing of a witch banished, ...

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    Pere Cheney Cemetery

    Roscommon, Michigan

    40 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Pere Cheney Cemetery, circa 1873, sits in a ghost town that has been the subject of lots of haunted tales. Locals tell about apparitions, orbs, witches, strange lights, and Native American curses. The cemetery has been a target for vandalism, and few headstones remain, according to reports. The townspeople are ...

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    Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse

    Montmorency County, Michigan

    45.6 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse was built in the 1830s and was automated in 1983. The ghost of a former keeper named Morgan is said to reside here. His apparition has been seen walking along the shore and has been felt by lighthouse visitors.

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    Terrace Inn and 1911 Restaurant

    Petoskey, Michigan

    46.5 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    The 1911 hotel and restaurant is haunted by at least three apparitions. The first is that of a ghostly lady in white, who has been seen wandering the hallways of the inn and in some cases, has appeared in guests rooms. The second apparition is that of a man in ...

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    The Perry Hotel

    Petoskey, Michigan

    46.9 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    This 1899 hotel is said to be haunted by a woman who committed suicide here in 1902. She has been seen in the garden looking toward the lake.

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    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

    Harrisville, Michigan

    47.2 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, built in 1869, once had a ghost that carried its dim light up the stairs to the tower at night. However, the tower is now walled up, and the wall sports a painted mural of a lighthouse keeper.

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    Bois Blanc Island

    Pointe Aux Pins, Michigan

    52.5 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Bois Blanc Island, southeast of Mackinac Island, is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of two British soldiers who allegedly deserted. The men were killed by Native Americans after their commander put out a bounty on them.

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    The Grand Victorian Bed and Breakfast Inn

    Bellaire, Michigan

    53 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    This 1890s inn is said to be haunted by original builder Henry Richardi, who built the house for his intended bride. It is said that after Henry passed away, his disappointed spirit came here to rest. The building stood unoccupied for many years, and during that time, folks reported seeing ...

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    Sieting Hotel

    Kalkaska, Michigan

    55.4 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    This hotel was built in 1912, and claims of hauntings have been reported there ever since. Sobs, screams and moans have been heard, as well as voices. The ghost of a tall, shadowy man and a little girl in a white dress have been reported. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Pack House Inn and Restaurant

    Oscoda Township, Michigan

    57.1 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    The nineteenth-century inn and restaurant may have closed down, but the residence is still believed to be haunted by the daughter of the lumber baron who built the original house. Local folk claim that the spirit, known as 'Grace', still wanders the halls of the old mansion. (Submitted by Callum ...

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    Anchor Inn

    Houghton Lake, Michigan

    57.9 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    We are a 100 year old Family restaurant, lounge, old hotel. We have decades of witnesses to paranormal activity dating back to the 40's & 50's. We have everything from full body apparitions, shadow figures, orbs, mists, objects moving, foot steps, voices, doors slamming, faucets on/off, electrical disturbances, people being ...

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    Mission Point Resort

    Mackinac Island, Michigan

    61.4 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a man who committed suicide nearby as well as spirits from people who drowned in a nearby lagoon.

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    Bogan Lane Inn

    Mackinac Island, Michigan

    61.5 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Staff and sometimes guests as well have seen and heard the ghost of a little girl with long hair here. She has been seen playing theh piano and has been known to tell folks that she wants to go home.

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    Fort Mackinac

    Mackinac Island, Michigan

    61.7 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    Fort Mackinac is a Revolutionary War-era fort on Mackinac Island. The popular tourist site is haunted in many spots. In the Guard House are cold spots and orbs that show up in photos. In the Hospital, visitors have detected feelings of sadness and apparitions of phantom limbs. In the Officer ...

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    Grand Hotel

    Mackinac Island, Michigan

    61.8 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    This hotel, built in the late 19th century, is known to have more than a few haunts as a result of some grisly historic facts. It is said that when the hotel's foundation was laid, many human skeletons were unearthed. And the small horse corral is said to be on ...

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    Rifle Range Trail

    Mackinac Island, Michigan

    62 miles from Montmorency County, MI

    An old fort soldier was framed for shooting and killing another soldier of the fort. He was hung on Rifle Range trail. But, he is still seeking vengance. When you walk along the trail, it is said that you feel bullets whizzing past your ears, your hair gets pulled on, ...