Haunted Places in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

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    Selma Mansion

    Norristown, Pennsylvania

    Reportedly haunted by members of the various families who lived and died here throughout the ages, there are several reports of disembodied voices, strange noises and various poltergeist-type activities associated with Selma Mansion.

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    Valley Forge

    Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

    There isn't an American alive who doesn't know the story of Valley Forge and the deprivations and hardships the Continental army suffered there. Although no physical battle was fought here, the battle against low morale, the elements, and hunger was a fierce one and many believe that those who ...

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    General Wayne Inn

    Merion Station, Pennsylvania

    This onetime inn and tavern on the National Register of Historic Places is said to be haunted by several entities. In the 1704 building, named for General "Mad" Anthony Wayne who once stayed here, folks have seen the spirits of a Hessian soldier, a British officer looking for a locket, ...

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    Keith House

    Horsham, Pennsylvania

    Several entities are said to be in residence here, including Elizabeth "Maggie" Graeme, a ghost that may be her husband, and a servant without a head.

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    Black Horse Inn

    Flourtown, Pennsylvania

    At this mid-1700s inn building, said to have been used as a rest stop by George Washington and his men en route to Valley Forge, folks say the spirit set is hopping. Sudden cold temperatures, footsteps, and unexplained voices abound, and photographs taken of the inside have picked up orbs, ...

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    General Lafayette Inn - Barren Hill Tavern

    Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

    Reports say this inn will reopen in 2013/2014 as Barren Hill Tavern. Once known as the "Three Tuns," the inn dates back to the 18th century when General Lafayette used the building during the American Revolution. There is a ghost of an elderly woman who appears in the upstairs dining room; ...

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    Rising Sun Inn

    Telford, Pennsylvania

    This 1739 inn building is said to be haunted by Scary Mary, and possibly other ghosts as well. Folks have witnessed apparitions, footsteps, noises, and voices calling them from the second floor. Other surprising occurrences include the cleaning staff finding all the furniture quickly replaced after they had moved it ...

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    American Legion Post 308

    Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

    It was once a 1700s farmhouse before it was turned into apartment buildings. Now, this American Legion post seems to be haunted by a spirit from its past. An apparition of a lady in black near the fireplace and another of a man standing behind the bar have been known ...

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    Bryn Mawr College - Merion Hall

    Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

    Bryn Mawr College's Merion Hall is rumored to be haunted by Lillian Vickers, who died in 1901. Lillian, according to campus legend, was happy and popular before she died, distraught over the fact that she had leprosy. In some versions, she jumped out a window of the third floor to ...

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    Abington Presbyterian Church

    Abington, Pennsylvania

    Abington Presbyterian Church, some say, is home to a ghostly child who has been seen throught the windows. The spirit is said to linger here because the cemetery that was once on the site where the church now stands was moved across the road.