Haunted Places in Mitchell County, Iowa

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Mitchell County, Iowa. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Iowa.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Mitchell County, Iowa.

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    Riverside Cemetery

    Charles City, Iowa

    20 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Visitors here have reported dark figures and a feeling of being watched. The ghost of a Native American is said to have been seen -- perhaps it is he who keeps an eye on the place.

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    Children of Iron Hill

    Charles City, Iowa

    20.6 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    According to local lore, in the 1920s there was a fiery train crash that killed many passengers. One car was full of orphan children who perished in the fires. It is said that the ghost children can still be heard crying, and sometimes the smell of burning is detected. Some ...

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    Buddy Holly Memorial

    Clear Lake, Iowa

    31.2 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Buddy Holly may be alive beyond the grave. According to reports, some have seen a phantom plane crashing that matches the one involved in the 1959 tragedy. Also, 3 orbs have been caught on tape in the spot where Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens died.

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    Conover Road Ghost Family

    Ridgeway, Iowa

    45.4 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Acoording to local lore, a family of four once died near a group of evergreen trees along the road. Their four shadowy apparitions have been seen near the place.

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    Satan's Hollow Bridge

    Shell Rock, Iowa

    47.8 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    According to reports, those who go underneath the bridge may see tall white figures and hear strange sounds. The figures and a feeling of general unease are said to follow you the further you go.

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    Mrs B's Bed and Breakfast Inn

    Lanesboro, Minnesota

    47.8 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    It just wouldn't be a haunted inn without a famous ghost, and this delightful historic bed and breakfast is allegedly haunted by Buffalo Bill, where he stayed the night on several occasions. In Room #001 (River Song Room), a curious apparition has been reported. Guests have reported seeing a shadowy ...

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    The Kahler Hotel

    Rochester, Minnesota

    48.8 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    The ghosts of former Mayo Clinic patients are said to haunt the hotel, causing eerie sounds and smells and quick temperature changes.

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    Mantorville Opera House

    Kasson, Minnesota

    49.1 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Built in 1918, the Mantorville Opera House building has been a club, a speakeasy, a silent movie house, a skating rink, a city hall and a civic center. It is believed to be haunted by several spirits, including former actors and entertainers and a woman who the staff nicknamed Ellen. ...

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    Regents Center - Luther College

    Decorah, Iowa

    49.4 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Students tell the story of an unfortunate janitor at this sports facility who committed suicide in the 1990s. Staff members have reported seeing his ghost.

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    Larsen Hall - Luther College

    Decorah, Iowa

    49.5 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    The third floor is said to be haunted by Gertrude, a ghost who likes to pull fire alarms and hide students' belongings, or replace students' clothing with old-fashioned versions. She is reported to be the spirit of a prospective student of the college who was killed by a car while ...

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    Camp Ingawanis

    Waverly, Iowa

    49.8 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    It is said that a 12-year-old boy died here when he jumped from a swing and hit his head on a rock. Folks in the area have noted a moving swing when there is no breeze, and some have heard the boy's giggle.

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    Quarry Hill Nature Center

    Rochester, Minnesota

    49.9 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    The wooden "dead man's bridge" is, according to local legend, where a man hanged himself in the 1960s. Other eerie things on the premises are a small cemetery and several caves that are rumored to be haunted.

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    Porter House Museum

    Decorah, Iowa

    50.3 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Actual details of this haunting are vague and hard to come by. Most accounts simply refer to "playful spirits" who inhabit this estate, without any specifics on the actual details. If you've encountered any ghostly activity while visiting the museum, drop us a line and share some details!

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    It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

    Owatonna, Minnesota

    54.8 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    The bar called It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere is said to be haunted. Reports say the apparition of a man in old-fashioned duds and a puddle of blood appear out of nowhere. The bar was a funeral home and a used furniture store in past incarnations.

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    West Hills

    Owatonna, Minnesota

    55.4 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Ghosts of orphaned children are rumored to linger in this former orphanage, laughing audibly. Witnesses also have seen the floor move and warp and smelled phantom cigar smoke. Books also have moved, temperature has been known to change drastically, and phone calls have been made to the police department from ...

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    West Union Hardee's

    West Union, Iowa

    56.2 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Reports say that highways were built over the old cemetery, which lies about where the Hardee's stands. Employees have heard their names being called when they were alone, have felt cold spots, and have had things misplaced. Some accounts tell of a Ouija board incident in which a spirit inhabited ...

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    Lawther Hall - University of Northern Iowa

    Cedar Falls, Iowa

    60.3 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    According to some reports, a soldier named Augie is said to haunt the building. It is said that he passed away there when the hall was used as the infirmary. Students have reported cold spots, strange sounds, and moving objects. Other reports say that the place was never an infirmary ...

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    Bartlett Hall - University of Northern Iowa

    Cedar Falls, Iowa

    60.4 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Students tell of a Halloween haunted house that was to be set up in the hall, but the resident spirits must have liked the idea and were willing to lend a ghostly hand. During the setup, so many eerie things happened, flickering lights, slamming doors, temperature changes, that the students ...

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    Strayer-Wood Theatre

    Cedar Falls, Iowa

    60.5 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Zelda is the nickname students have for a ghost who plays the piano, makes strange noises, or causes some of the equipment to work by itself.

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    Thompson Hall Dormitory

    Iowa Falls, Iowa

    62.2 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    The dorm at Ellsworth Community College and Union Cemetery across the street are both said to be haunted. The spirit of town benefactor Mr. Ellsworth himself has been seen, and footsteps and voices have been heard in the dorm's basement.

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    Hazel Green Cemetery

    Ackley, Iowa

    62.6 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    The gazebo in this old cemetery seems to be the central spot for the spiritual activity. In it, visitors have reported seeing an elderly woman's ghost sitting in a rocking chair, holding a baby. It is said that those who see her feel sadness, rather than fear. Reports say that ...

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    Walmart - Flammang Drive

    Waterloo, Iowa

    66.2 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Even Wal-Mart is not immune to spirits. Employees say Jeremiah, a 12-year-old boy, haunts the store by playing pranks, moving merchandise and tugging on the employees' smocks. He also taps them on the shoulder at times. Those who have seen him say he is pale, thin, and wears black pants ...

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    St. Mary's College - Heffron Hall

    Winona, Minnesota

    72.5 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Heffron Hall at St. Mary's College is known to have a ghost, that of Father Louis Lesches, who murdered Bishop Patrick Heffron in 1915, and who may have been involved in the suspicious burning death of Rev. Edward Lynch in 1931. Witnesses have seen apparitions, experienced cold spots, and had ...

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    Le Sueur County Historical Society Museum

    Elysian, Minnesota

    73.2 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Some odd things have been reported at this museum: disembodied voices, a typewriter and a record player that worked by themselves, and a service bell that rang on its own.

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    Buchanan County Court House

    Independence, Iowa

    76.3 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    It is said that in the late 1800s or early 1900s a man was hung here, but something went awry with the process and he died a slow, painful death. His ghost is said to haunt the place at night; it has been seen hanging from a rope.

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    J L Reece Memorial Park

    New Providence, Iowa

    78.7 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    According to reports, a young woman committed suicide in the cornfield at this site. Witnesses have seen her appear in the field and have heard her screaming.

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    Anderson House Hotel

    Wabasha, Minnesota

    80.4 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Parts of this historic bed and breakfast inn date back to the 1850's, and it's not surprise that the place is said to be haunted. The most famous ghost in the old-fashioned establishment is a female spirit known as 'Sarah'. It is said that she was under the impression ...

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    Montgomery Golf Club

    Montgomery, Minnesota

    85.3 miles from Mitchell County, IA

    Montgomery Golf Club is home to two ghosts, maybe more. One's identity has been traced to a farmer who once lived on the land and is said to be buried on the first hole of the golf course. His apparition has been spotted in a hat and overalls. The other ...