Haunted Places in Mecosta County, Michigan

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Mecosta County, Michigan. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Michigan.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Mecosta County, Michigan.

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    Osceola Inn

    Reed City, Michigan

    18.7 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The historic inn is haunted by several apparitions. The first is a ghostly face that has been staring into guests rooms from outside the inn, only to vanish when approached. A ghostly woman in white has been seen in the bar area of the hotel, and has also been seen ...

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    La Belle de la Riviere Bed and Breakfast

    Newaygo, Michigan

    28.4 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The bed and breakfast is reportedly haunted. Music and strange noises have been heard in the basement late at night when there is no around, and ghostly voices have been heard in the rooms of guests. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Doherty Hotel

    Clare, Michigan

    30.4 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The hotel was a notorious hangout for gangsters in the 1920's and 1930's, and was also the scene of many murders, as well as front for an illegal gambling parlour. Loud knocking noises have been heard in the lobby when there is no one around, and the aroma of perfume ...

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    Belding Library

    Belding, Michigan

    37.8 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The Belding Library, this version of which was built in 1917 (the original library was destroyed in a fire), is haunted by a little girl. Her apparition has been seen in the children's section, and many witnesses have heard her laughing.

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    Oakwood Cemetery

    Rockford, Michigan

    41.7 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Near Oakwood Cemetery, at the corner of Brewer and Cannonsburg Roads, a woman has been seen standing in cold, rainy or snowy weather without a coat. All she does is stand there, mildly accepting of the cold and harsh elements surrounding her. It is suspected that she is a ghost, ...

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    Escape Bar and Grill

    Cadillac, Michigan

    42.3 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The 1800's Northwood Hotel now houses the bar and grill, which is rumoured to be haunted. Apparitions reported here include a woman in an old-fashioned dress who appears in the ballroom, and a workman carrying a ladder. An employee who previously didn't believe in ghosts once had a glass ...

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    Knights Inn Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    45.5 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Witnesses at this inn have seen apparitions in the hallways and experienced strange happenings with the phones. They've also reported hearing strange voices, and the lights are said to turn on by unseen hands.

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    Cornerstone University

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    47.6 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Cornerstone University is haunted by a ghost girl in a 1970s-style dress who has been seen waiting outside Pickett Hall late at night. When the ghost realizes she has been seen, she disappears.

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    Thornapple Village Inn Restaurant - Bistro Chloe Elan

    Ada, Michigan

    48 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The former Thornapple Village Inn, now Bistro Chloe Elan, has a ghostly legend attached to it. The story says that an engagement dinner was held here, after which the bride-to-be suddenly died. Her ghost is said to roam the premises, showing up in women's restroom mirrors or tinkering with the ...

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    Aquinas College - Holmdene

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    49.4 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Aquinas College's early-1900s Holmdene Manor was originally built by Edward Lowe and his wife Susan. It's believed to be haunted by one of their children. The little boy allegedly drowned on the premises, and his ghost is said to turn on the lights after security turns them off and locks ...

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    Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    49.7 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    In the old part of the hotel, which is now reportly the hotel's smoking section, objects have been witnessed moving about by themselves.

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    St. Cecilia Music Center

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    49.8 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Security guards working night shifts in the centre have reported that when the leave a room and return later, that all the chairs will have been moved around. A female voice is heard in the ballroom, and many people have sighted a shadowy apparition rushing across the stage before vanishing. (Submitted ...

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    Old LaMar Hotel and Horseshoe Bar Building

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    50.4 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    A tattoo business that moved into the 1891 LaMar Hotel and Horseshoe Bar building reported finding a secret room during remodeling, thought to have been a hiding place for alcohol during the Prohibition. In addition, witnesses reported eerie presences, perfume scents, flickering lights, doors that lock by themselves, footsteps, and ...

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    Frauenthal Theater

    Muskegon, Michigan

    54.4 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Visitors, performers and staff at the theatre have reported being followed around by a small apparition in black clothing. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Anchor Inn

    Houghton Lake, Michigan

    54.8 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    We are a 100 year old Family restaurant, lounge, old hotel. We have decades of witnesses to paranormal activity dating back to the 40's & 50's. We have everything from full body apparitions, shadow figures, orbs, mists, objects moving, foot steps, voices, doors slamming, faucets on/off, electrical disturbances, people being ...

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    Nunica Cemetery

    Nunica, Michigan

    54.8 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Nunica Cemetery has been around since 1883, and throughout its history there have been many mysterious, and paranormal activity surrounding the Cemetery. The resident spirit who supposedly walks the graveyard, is a Mr. Joel A. Bond. Joel A. Bond has been seen as a intelligent spirit and mostly watches from ...

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    White River Light

    Whitehall, Michigan

    58.1 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Built in 1876, this lighthouse is said to be haunted by its first keeper, Captain William Robinson, and his wife Sara. They had 11 children and lived there for 47 years. Even after he retired and his son took over, the Captain still kept up his duties. He died here ...

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    The Grill Room

    Grand Haven, Michigan

    60.6 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The upscale Grill Room, in the former 1873 Gildner Hotel, is believed to be haunted by a ghost in a cowboy hat and another of a little girl the staff has nicknamed Emily.

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    Ramsdell Theatre

    Manistee, Michigan

    64.9 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    James Earl Jones gave his first performance of Othello at the historic and haunted Ramsdell Theatre, built for T.J. Ramsdell in 1903. Mr. Ramsdell's ghost and that of an unknown woman have both been spotted in the building. Electrical anomalies have been reported here as well, specifically lights that come ...

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    Ghost Farm of Kingsley

    Kingsley, Michigan

    67.7 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The Ghost Farm of Kingsley was old farm land just south of Traverse City MI. We purchased the land several years ago. A mother and daughter currently own the land and have first hand experiences with what seems to be spirits that make their presence known. The land is marked ...

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    Pere Cheney Cemetery

    Roscommon, Michigan

    73 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Pere Cheney Cemetery, circa 1873, sits in a ghost town that has been the subject of lots of haunted tales. Locals tell about apparitions, orbs, witches, strange lights, and Native American curses. The cemetery has been a target for vandalism, and few headstones remain, according to reports. The townspeople are ...

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    Pere Cheney

    Roscommon, Michigan

    73.1 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Pere Cheney is a ghost town in the heart of Michigan. At its peak, 1,500 lived here, but after a series of epidemics wiped out a majority of the population, the town was empty. Local legend says that the cause of this misfortune was the doing of a witch banished, ...

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    Lansing State Capitol

    Lansing, Michigan

    73.7 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Finished in 1878, the Lansing State Capitol building is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a man who was killed while painting in the rotunda. His apparition has been on the rotunda walkway in painters' attire. Cold spots and cold winds also have been felt.

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    Michigan State University

    East Lansing, Michigan

    75.5 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    Michigan State University reportedly has an abundance of haunted sites, including the University Garden, the Physical Plant, Williams Hall, and Mayo Hall, where the ghost of namesake May Mayo plays a piano and the Red Room is rumored to have been the setting for past Satanist rituals. Also said to ...

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    Sieting Hotel

    Kalkaska, Michigan

    75.6 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    This hotel was built in 1912, and claims of hauntings have been reported there ever since. Sobs, screams and moans have been heard, as well as voices. The ghost of a tall, shadowy man and a little girl in a white dress have been reported. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Holland Castle

    Holland, Michigan

    75.9 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The German castle is a private home built in 1890. It is said to be haunted by a girl whose apparition has been seen looking out the tower window. Legend has it that she is pining away over a man she loved.

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    Felt Mansion

    Holland, Michigan

    78.5 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    The 1928 Felt Mansion is believed to be haunted by ghosts, shadow beings, and doors that open by themselves.

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    Rayburn Lodge

    Grayling, Michigan

    78.9 miles from Mecosta County, MI

    According to local lore, while the mid-1900s building stood abandoned for several years, some teens broke in and held a seance. Afterward, they saw a lumberjack coming toward them from the river. He pointed at them and vanished, scaring the teens half to death. According to locals, the ghostly lumberjack ...