Haunted Places in Maui County, Hawaii

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    The Lodge at Koele

    Lanai City, Hawaii

    This lush "Four Seasons" hotel property is said to be the home of several ghosts - one being that of a little girl who likes to visit guest's rooms.

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    Makawao, Hawaii

    The former land division and town Hamakuapoko, between Paia and Haiku, is said to be haunted by spirits from its historic missionary and plantation days. A high school, now abandoned, is in the area; local legend tells of "choking ghosts" who accost students who were playing hooky from school. Also, ...

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    Iao Theatre

    Wailuku, Hawaii

    The historic theatre opened in 1928, and some patrons and staff believe the building is haunted. On various occasions, there have been reports of a misty apparition sitting in seats around the theatre, as well as on the stage during closing hours. It is believed to be a female apparition, ...