Haunted Places in Mariposa County, California

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    Hotel Jeffery

    Coulterville, California

    If you are looking for a haunted room, then room 22 in the Hotel Jeffery is apparently the room to get. Reportedly haunted by an old miner from the hotel's gold rush days, this man is just one of the many ghosts reportedly spied at the hotel. The hotel ...

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    Ahwahnee Hotel


    People believe the 6th floor is haunted by the ghost of Mary Curry Tressider who died there in 1970. At the time, the sixth floor was converted living quarters where she had resided for many years. People believe to see her ghost roaming throughout the floor to this ...

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    Yosemite View Lodge

    El Portal, California

    Numerous guests have reported waking up to see a shadowy apparition in their rooms, who disappear when they attempt to seek help. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Yosemite National Park

    Mariposa County, California

    Miwok Indians believed that an evil spirit named Po-ho-no would lure hikers near the edge of cliffs before pushing them off. The fallen hikers themselves are thought to be here. Submitted by Chris Berglund