Haunted Places in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

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    Maribel Hotel

    Maribel, Wisconsin

    Rumor has it that this hotel, originally built in the 1800s as a resort, may once have been owned by Al Capone. Its nickname is Motel Hell because of all the strange happenings that occur here. For one thing, the whole place is said to glow by the light of ...

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    Evergreen Inn Hotel - Manitowoc Place

    Manitowoc, Wisconsin

    Once the historic Evergreen Inn Hotel, Manitowoc Place is known for its many ghosts. There have reportedly been a great many deaths here, which some surmise have led to the hauntings. Witnesses have reported pounding noises, blood that appears on the floors (apparently a remnant from a long-ago murder), and ...

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    Koehring's Grand Central House Restaurant

    Kiel, Wisconsin

    The 1892 hotel now houses an old-fashioned restaurant, but the hauntings that have been plaguing the establishment since it was refurbished seem to have stayed behind. A recurring spirit appears to be the son of the original owner, Philip Koehring, who was murdered with a shotgun and dumped on ...