Haunted Places in Madison County, Nebraska

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Madison County, Nebraska. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Nebraska.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Madison County, Nebraska.

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    Bega Cemetery

    Stanton, Nebraska

    21.7 miles from Madison County, NE

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    Platte Center Creek

    Platte Center, Nebraska

    27.3 miles from Madison County, NE

    The hauntings here are said to be caused by three men who, in the early 1900s, were buried alive when a cave they dug into the creek bed collapsed. Apparitions of all three men are said to show up at night, digging by lantern light. After working a few minutes, ...

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    Clarkson Historical Opera House

    Clarkson, Nebraska

    28 miles from Madison County, NE

    Local residents and employees have reported hearing ghostly laughter and seeing apparitions in period clothing wandering around the building. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    St. Patrick's Cemetery - Glowing Graveyard

    Columbus, Nebraska

    29.7 miles from Madison County, NE

    The cemetery, a.k.a. the Glowing Graveyard, is the center of several local ghost stories. For one, the headstones, as you may guess, are said to glow at night by the light of a full moon. Skeptics say this is because of the reflective limestone in the headstones. Another local legend ...

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    Columbus Hy-Vee

    Columbus, Nebraska

    35.2 miles from Madison County, NE

    The ghost that haunts the Columbus Hy-Vee is nicknamed Scooter. He is said to make screeching sounds near the produce and dairy sections and has appeared to employees at around 2 a.m.

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    Wayne State College - Neihardt Hall

    Wayne, Nebraska

    37.4 miles from Madison County, NE

    Neihardt Hall is said to be haunted by Cora, a young woman who committed suicide in the basement. Also, the ghost of a girl who was electrocuted while playing with a ball near bare electrical wires is said to haunt the tunnels between the dorms.

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    Skyway Drive-In

    Schuyler, Nebraska

    42.6 miles from Madison County, NE

    At the Skyway Drive-In, folks say black phantom dogs with a missing eye and a missing leg roam the grounds. Witnesses maintain that f you look away from them, they disappear.

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    Ghost Bridge of Logan Creek

    Pender, Nebraska

    49 miles from Madison County, NE

    Local legend tells of an early-1900s train that was held up by vigilantes chasing down a hired hand who murdered the family that employed him. The train bridge used to cross the Logan Creek, and from this former trestle, the man was hanged. Residents say sometimes a ghost bridge appears ...

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    The Hotel Cafe and Saloon

    Scribner, Nebraska

    51.2 miles from Madison County, NE

    The 1901 Hotel Cafe and Saloon, now operating as a restaurant, is believed to be haunted by victims of murders or suicides thought to have occurred in the building. On the second and third floors, witnesses have seen shadow figures, heard unexplained voices and felt cold spots.

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    Argo Hotel

    Crofton, Nebraska

    56.5 miles from Madison County, NE

    According to local legend, the ghost of a young girl who died in the basement can be seen here. Folks also say a baby's skeleton was found within the lounge walls during remodeling, and a ghostly mother is said to wail looking for her baby. Pictures also are said to ...

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    Lottie's Grave - Taylor Cemetery

    Homer, Nebraska

    63.4 miles from Madison County, NE

    Some say Lottie haunts the cemetery and that a curse will befall those who visit her gravesite. In some stories, Lottie was murdered, was a witch, or was run over by a car. Many tales abound, such as one that says shortly after her burial, thieves tried to dig up ...

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    Libby's Steakhouse

    Springfield, South Dakota

    66.5 miles from Madison County, NE

    Some say the basement of Libby’s Steakhouse, formerly Hoch Drugstore, was haunted by the ghost of a girl, whose apparition was glimpsed once. Witnesses say bowls will fall over if the basement door is left open, and folks have noticed an uneasy feeling on the basement stairs. Rumor has it ...

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    Dakota Theatre

    Yankton, South Dakota

    66.8 miles from Madison County, NE

    This historic theatre opened in 1902,changed owners and names on several occasions. Theatre patrons and cast have reported sighting a spectral face floating through the seating area after closing hours, as well as feeling cold spots, hearing screams and a bloodstains which appears during certain productions. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Mount Marty College

    Yankton, South Dakota

    67 miles from Madison County, NE

    Ghosts said to haunted this campus include construction workers who fiddle with the electricity, showers and water fountains; a nun; a music teacher; and numerous other apparitions. Students say Whitby Hall was so haunted that is was closed down, and it contains a ghost of a man in gray polyester ...

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    Witch's Grave

    Aurora, Nebraska

    74.1 miles from Madison County, NE

    The ancient, isolated grave in the Aurora city cemetery, the "witch’s grave," has a mossy tombstone and a protruding marker, said to be a warning to deter others from witchcraft. So the story goes, the "witch" was eccentric, which was enough for the townsfolk to label her a witch and ...

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    Concordia University - David Hall

    Seward, Nebraska

    74.4 miles from Madison County, NE

    The David Dorm is rumored to be haunted by Native Americans whose 1700s bones were found when the dorm was built in the 1970s. Residents say electronic appliances and showers turn on by themselves.

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    Akron Gold and Silver

    Akron, Iowa

    82.4 miles from Madison County, NE

    Some say not all the guests are going home at closing time at Akron Gold and Silver, a fine antiques and estate collectable shop in downtown Akron Iowa. A neighboring business owner heard a male voice after hours calling their dog by it's name "Sandy" after hours when the building ...

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    Akron Area Museum

    Akron, Iowa

    82.5 miles from Madison County, NE

    The Akron Area Museum, formerly the home of the Ross Family is haunted some say by the Materiach, Mrs. Lucille Ross. The 100% volunteer staffed museum has had many members experience cold drafts, noises and a feeling of a presence around the main stairway and formal dining room ...

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    Richmond House

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    88.9 miles from Madison County, NE

    In the 1920s there was a triple murder suicide involving the husband, Bill, his wife Venus, her lover and their baby. Bill killed Venus by shotgun... he then laid on the railroad tracks near the home and was killed by a train. The baby was never found... In a corner ...

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    Temple Theatre

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    89.1 miles from Madison County, NE

    This theater at the University of Nebraska, founded in 1869, is the centerpiece for some oft-told campus tales. In the 1940s, a student was said to have fallen to his death from the overhead rigging during a production of MacBeth, and now his apparition is said to appear during Shakespeare ...

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    Old Captain's Studio

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    89.2 miles from Madison County, NE

    This historic building was formerly the residence of a retired sea captain, who owned a studio on the upper floor. Tenants of a law firm now located on the premises have reported seeing his apparition on several occasions over the years. (Submitted by Callum Swift)