Haunted Places in Linn County, Missouri

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Linn County, Missouri. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Missouri.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Linn County, Missouri.

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    St Boniface Cemetery

    Brunswick, Missouri

    29.8 miles from Linn County, MO

    At St. Boniface Cemetery, there have been reports of unearthly figures walking over the grounds at night and disembodied voices.

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    Hotel Baring

    Edina, Missouri

    54.2 miles from Linn County, MO

    This historic hotel is believed to be haunted, and was formerly a railroad stopover during the early twentieth century era. The building is believed to be haunted by several apparitions, who are believed to be associated the building as it changed hands and uses over the many years of its ...

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    Centerville Railroad Tracks

    Centerville, Iowa

    60.2 miles from Linn County, MO

    Local legend sayd that if you park your car on these railroad tracks and shut it off, an unseen force will push you off the tracks. Reports say you can hear footsteps in the gravel while the spirits of children are pushing your car.

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    Oliver Anderson House

    Lexington, Missouri

    62.5 miles from Linn County, MO

    The 1853 Oliver Anderson House is believed to be haunted by ghostly soldiers who fought Civil War battles on and near the site.

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    Rivercene Mansion

    New Franklin, Missouri

    63.9 miles from Linn County, MO

    Built originally by a riverboat captain named Joseph Kinney in 1869, this inn is said to be haunted by a member of the Kinney family named Noble, whose ghost has been encountered by many. At age 26, Noble was killed when after falling down the grand staircase.

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    Old Cooper County Jail and Hanging Barn

    Boonville, Missouri

    64.7 miles from Linn County, MO

    At the Old Cooper County Jail and Hanging Barn, built in 1848, folks say the ghost of a young prisoner materializes and pounds on the old cell doors. Dark shadow figures have been seen here as well.

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    Kemper Military School - State Fair Community College

    Boonville, Missouri

    65 miles from Linn County, MO

    The former Kemper Military School, now State Fair Community College, had a ghost of a female cadet who was killed along the track. Her apparition has been seen jogging around the track; it disappears when it gets to the spot where she was killed. The A, C and D Barracks ...

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    Davis City Cemetery

    Davis City, Iowa

    65.2 miles from Linn County, MO

    It is said that visitors to the cemetery may exoerience a sudden feeling of pressure as they enter. Shooting lights also have been reported streaming across the grounds very late at night.

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    Terre Haute Cemetery

    Decatur City, Iowa

    69.4 miles from Linn County, MO

    The spirit of a little boy can be seen playing on the swingset behind a cabin adjacent to the cemetery. He may motion for you to follow him into the cemetery, where he is buried. Once at his grave, he disappears.

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    Columbia College

    Columbia, Missouri

    75.6 miles from Linn County, MO

    The Gray Lady is a campus legend about a ghost of a young Southern Belle who committed suicide after her lover was killed for trying to sneak into her dorm during the Civil War. Her apparition has been seen, and she has been known to close windows and iron clothes. ...

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    Jack's Gourmet Restaurant and Bar

    Columbia, Missouri

    75.7 miles from Linn County, MO

    Jack's Gourmet Restaurant and Bar, housed in an 1800s building that was once a rowdy saloon, is believed to be haunted by Sarah, a woman who died on the premises long ago.

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    Tiger Hotel

    Columbia, Missouri

    75.9 miles from Linn County, MO

    This hotel, built in 1928, was turned into a "flop house" offering very cheap lodgings during the Depression. Many folks starved to death or died of illness in those hard times, and it is said that at least one of those poor souls lingers in the building. Strange things happen ...

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    Missouri Theatre

    Columbia, Missouri

    76 miles from Linn County, MO

    The ornate Missouri Theatre was built in 1928, designed to resemble the Paris Opera House. A former owner is said to linger here in spirit, operating the theater curtains and making strange clanking sounds.

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    Stephens College

    Columbia, Missouri

    76.1 miles from Linn County, MO

    St. Stephens College has many ghosts, according to its campus lore. One haunted site is the Pillsbury/Roblee Dorm Hall, where three ghostly women called the Blue Ladies sing to students and tuck them in to bed at night. And a phantom baby cries at night at Searcy Hall, a lingering ...

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    Tedrow Cemetery

    Kellerton, Iowa

    77.1 miles from Linn County, MO

    Rumor has it that it is not actually the small cemetery, but the surrounding woods, that are haunted. Phenomena experienced here include glowing lights coming from the woods, shadowed apparitions, and the sounds of footsteps, moaning, and other strange noises.

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    Mars Hill Church

    Bloomfield, Iowa

    81.3 miles from Linn County, MO

    This old log cabin church is actually a restoration using salvaged timber from vintage barns. The church had been in existence from 1856 til 2006 when some dirtbag arsonist decided to burn the place to the ground. Rumors of it being haunted however have become something of local ...