Haunted Places in Lincoln County, Wisconsin

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Lincoln County, Wisconsin. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Wisconsin.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Lincoln County, Wisconsin.

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    Wasau Club

    Wausau, Wisconsin

    26.5 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The building is haunted by the ghost of a lady named Martha, who hung herself in a guest bedroom in the west wing of the building. She is seen on the staircase and in doorways of the building. Cold spots have been reported, as well as lights going on and ...

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    Grand Theater

    Wausau, Wisconsin

    26.6 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    Grand Theater began in 1928, and is the site of many an unexplained noise or sight. The ghost in residence, according to eyewitnesses of apparitions, is a former theater manager who passed away more than a decade ago but apparently wasn't ready to quit his job.

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    Wasau Downtown Airport

    Wausau, Wisconsin

    28.7 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    Former airport manager Archie Towle haunts an airport hangar and his former residence at the airport, where numerous reports of ghostly activity have been reported. His shadowy apparition has been seen, as well as faucets going on and off by themselves, pounding on walls when no one is around and ...

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    McMillion Hotel - Vivian Hotel

    Antigo, Wisconsin

    31.5 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    Originally the Vivian Hotel and often misspelled as McMillan Hotel, this establishment was closed in 2003 and demolished in 2007. The hotel, built in 1887, was said to be haunted by its original owner, who had committed suicide in Room 21. If his ghost remained here, he was probably not ...

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    Tula's Cafe

    Woodruff, Wisconsin

    38 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The ghost of a man who once died on the premises haunts Tula's Café. Witnesses have described a misty figure that appears in the back hallway near the restrooms, near where the man passed away. Cold spots and objects that have been moved also startle witnesses.

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    Mary's Place North

    Woodruff, Wisconsin

    40.3 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    According to company, a benevolent spirit is located in the basement. Not much is known about him or her. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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    Lake of Torches Casino

    Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

    44.6 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    An aggressive entity has reportedly attacked cleaners in the bingo hall. The apparition of a woman has also been sighted at the casino. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Forest Home Cemetery

    Fifield, Wisconsin

    49.8 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    Forest Home Cemetery has many older burials that were moved here from another gravesite that was prone to floods. Visitors have noticed mists around headstones, shadows, orbs, voices, eerie feelings, and anomalies that show up in photos.

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    Nola Cemetery

    Park Falls, Wisconsin

    52.7 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    According to legend, a young girl named Nola was the very first person buried at this cemetery. Some say her spirit lingers here.

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    Little Bohemia Lodge

    Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin

    54.3 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The lodge is famous for its involvement in the 1934 shootout involving John Dillinger's gang. The lodge is believed to be haunted by a civilian who was accidentally shot by the FBI during the shootout. Guests at the lodge have reported hearing unexplained noises, seeing apparitions and have items and ...

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    Headwaters Restaurant and Tavern

    Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

    54.4 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The restaurant is haunted by the apparition of a lady in a red dress, who employees refuse to talk about. An evil presence is felt in the basement of the restaurant. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Boy Scout Lane

    Stevens Point, Wisconsin

    60.1 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    Local legend tells of a group of boy scouts that were murdered along this road. While there is no evidence of this actually happening, people still report seeing disembodied faces as well as hearing voices when they travel along this road. Submitted by Chris Berglund

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    Summerwind - Lamont Mansion

    Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin

    61.4 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The mansion was once a summer house for the family of Robert Lamont. It is said that a ghost appeared to Lamont, and, thinking it was an intruder, he fired a bullet at it, evidence of which stayed for years in a wooden basement door. After he passed away and ...

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    Cottage House Restaurant

    Plover, Wisconsin

    61.7 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The restaurant was originally called the Sherman House Restaurant, but closed down due to paranormal activity. Glass windows had a habit of shattering, glasses and plates would fly off bars and counters and explode in front of customers. Doors opened and closed by themselves and lights in the offices and ...

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    Forest Hill Cemetery

    Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

    64.8 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    Weirdness at this cemetery includes phantom babies crying in the infant section, apparitions, voices that call the names of cemetery visitors, and a monument that causes mechanical objects to fail.

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    Amherst Inn

    Amherst, Wisconsin

    65.2 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    This 1877 bed and breakfast inn's claim to fame is that while it operated as a hotel, John Dillinger visited and had lunch there. He left the waitress a five dollar tip (a lot of money in that day) and has since been immortalized in the establishment's colourful history. ...

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    Elizabeth Daly House

    Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

    65.4 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    This home on the National Register is occupied by "Cookie" the ghost that has been present for several home owners. Smells of cooking have been present, lights turned off and on, objects moved, and animals will not eat in Cookie's kitchen. She is a prankster, but a good ghost to ...

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    Hotel Mead

    Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

    65.6 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    Folks in the know will tell you that the Shanghai Room, in the 1950s, was a bar in which a female bartender was stabbed to death. Witnesses say the lights flicker, the doors close on their own, the air is extremely cold, and the smell of blood is detectable from ...

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    The Paulding Light

    Bruce Crossing, Michigan

    74.8 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The Paulding Light, aka Dog Meadow Light, has shown up in a valley since the 1960s and was featured on TV's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Cold spots may accompany the light, which may be a red orb that turns white before it disappears. One legend says it is the ...

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    Simpson's Restaurant

    Waupaca, Wisconsin

    74.9 miles from Lincoln County, WI

    The eatery dates back to 1932, and some folks, both staff members and customers, have reported seeing the apparitions of what appear to be members of a family inside the premises. The ghosts are said to be friendly and quiet.