Haunted Places in Lewis County, Kentucky

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Lewis County, Kentucky. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Kentucky.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Lewis County, Kentucky.

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    X Cave - Carter Caves State Resort Park

    Olive Hill, Kentucky

    17.6 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Cave X is called this because it has 4 entrances that meet in the center, like an X. This cave is said to be haunted by two Cherokee lovers. It is said that warrior Huraken found this cave and its hidden vein of silver, but kept it a secret so ...

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    Mount Unger Cemetery

    Otway, Ohio

    18.3 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Local legends say Mount Unger Cemetery is visited by the spirit of a man who hanged himself here after having murdered his wife.

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    The Precinct Office Center

    West Union, Ohio

    20.4 miles from Lewis County, KY

    This historic former jailhouse is now the county office, but has a haunting dating back to the turn of the nineteenth century. Prisoners were reportedly frightened by a apparition robed in white, who repeatedly floated past their cells without making a sound before vanishing. This manifestation has made various ...

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    Aberdeen Baptist Church

    Aberdeen, Ohio

    22.3 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The apparitions of young children have been seen inside the church building and in front of it by passing motorists and parishioners. Screams come from inside the church during the night. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Phillips' Folly

    Maysville, Kentucky

    22.5 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Phillips' Folly is a three-story brick house begun around 1828 by Williams B. Phillips. Its nickname came about when Phillips vanished when only the frame had been built, leading folks to believe he had run out of funds for the project. Phillips came back a few years later and finished ...

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    Rankin House

    Ripley, Ohio

    29.3 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Rankin House belonged to abolitionist Reverend John Rankin, and he was said to put a bright light in his attic window to symbolize to runaway slaves that it was safe to seek shelter here. Apparitions of slaves are said to appear on Jacob's Ladder near his house on moonless nights.

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    Baird House Inn

    Ripley, Ohio

    29.4 miles from Lewis County, KY

    This historic house inn may no longer be in operation, and is now a private residence. The inn was a popular stopover for travellers on the river, and since it was built in 1825, has had a colourful history. Guests and staff at the former inn have reported hearing ...

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    Wickerhamm Inn

    Peebles, Ohio

    30.3 miles from Lewis County, KY

    At this 1800s building, a murder is said to have led to the haunting that occurs here. The place was a tavern until the 1850s, and so the legend says, a stagecoach driver was murdered and beheaded here in a 1820s robbery. Although there were bloodstains on the floor and ...

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    Carrington Rock

    Salt Lick, Kentucky

    37.7 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Apparitions of Confederate soldiers and a pacing woman have been seen at Carrington Rock. The woman, witnesses say, eventually throws herself off the edge, screaming as she falls. Witnesses also have heard the sounds of officers calling orders to soldiers and moans and cries of pain on the battlefield.

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    Woodland Cemetery

    Coal Grove, Ohio

    39.4 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Along the banks of the Ohio River in Ironton, Ohio is Woodland Cemetery, also known as the City of the Dead. Founded in 1871, it presently contains more than 8,000 graves. The cemetery entrance is beautifully gated and the cemetery itself is beautifully landscaped. Its departed residents include veterans from ...

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    Paramount Joe - Paramount Arts Center

    Ashland, Kentucky

    39.9 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Originally called the Paramount Theatre and opened in 1931, the Paramount Arts Center is said to be haunted by a ghost locals call Paramount Joe. According to Joe's legend, as the theater was being built, four workmen were in the auditorium. Three went to lunch, and when they came back, ...

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    Bluegrass Inn

    Ashland, Kentucky

    40.3 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Its room 129 and 127. Very light blue orbs about the size of a softball feeling of dread and hair stay raised up whole time in the rooms and I was scratched 3 finger nail scratches down my back that were not deep but very bright red and burned a ...

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    Z. D. Ramsdell House

    Kenova, West Virginia

    45.5 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Businessman Z.D. Ramsdell's home was completed in 1858, and rumor has it it was built on the site of an Adena Indian burial mound. It was said to have contained a hidden basement used in the Underground Railroad. Ramsdell died of tuberculosis in 1886, and although the restored house is ...

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    Emmitt House

    Waverly, Ohio

    46.2 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Ghost tours here may turn up somethine eerie at this historic house, which has been featured on TV's Haunted Collector. Rumor has it that there are bones buried under the home's concrete slabs, which may be the catalyst for the spooky stuff that happens here.

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    Meldahl Locks and Dam - Foster Dam

    Felicity, Ohio

    46.5 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Visitors to Meldahl Locks and Dam, aka Foster Dam, at mile marker 436 on the Ohio River, have witnessed the presence of many spirits here, said to be folks who committed suicide or died accidentally here over the years.

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    Colonial Lanes

    Huntington, West Virginia

    50.2 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The 1959 bowling alley, in particular its tavern, is rumored to be haunted by Mr. Frankel, a former owner. Witnesses describe a smell of cherry pipe tobacco, heavy footsteps coming from the stockroom, their names being whispered or called out, the kitchen door opening and then slamming shut, and other ...

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    Rohs Opera House

    Cynthiana, Kentucky

    50.7 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The current Rohs Opera House (pronounced ROSS) opened in 1941 with a showing of Down Argentine Way. Ticket price was $.05 for adults. It was originally built in 1871 as Aeolian Hall, a live production theatre located on the second floor. A silent movie projector was eventually added to bring ...

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    Keith-Albee Theatre

    Huntington, West Virginia

    51.2 miles from Lewis County, KY

    This 1920s rococo theater building is said to be one of the area's most haunted places. Deaths that have occurred here include two electricians electrocuted in the basement, a maintenance man who died in the projection room, and a homeless man who froze to death below the stage area. Witnesses ...

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    Stepstone Church - Immaculate Conception Church

    Butler, Kentucky

    52.4 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Some reports say this church still stands, and others say it has been torn down. But rumor has it that whatever its state, it is haunted by four teen girls who some men hung on a cross in the loft before setting fire to the church. Witnesses have heard girls ...

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    Dead Man's Curve

    Bethel, Ohio

    52.8 miles from Lewis County, KY

    This intersection has been the site of numerous accidents, usually people who lost control at the curve (hence the name). People report seeing a male hitchhiker who has no face. Submitted by Chris Berglund

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    Owensville Town Hall

    Batavia, Ohio

    57.7 miles from Lewis County, KY

    This historic building was formerly a church, and during the civil war, a cavalry was met by resistance from an old man with a shotgun inside the building, adding some additional history to the hall. However, it is not his spirit who is known to haunt the building, as ...

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    Ramada Inn

    Paintsville, Kentucky

    58.3 miles from Lewis County, KY

    This Ramada Inn is said to have a ghost of a woman who walks in high heels through the atrium as well as unexplained voices, levitating objects, and a man's apparition. A woman is heard laughing in Room 216.

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    Crosskeys Tavern

    Chillicothe, Ohio

    59.4 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Established in 1972, the Irish tavern is haunted by a prankish spirit called Harold who likes to turn the lights on and off, move objects, break glasses, and make footsteps and whispering sounds in the basement. Speculators say Harold may be the ghost of a man who was murdered behind ...

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    The Majestic Theatre

    Chillicothe, Ohio

    59.5 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The Majestic Theatre, formerly the Masonic Opera House, was built in 1853 on the site of Chillicothe's first bank, which burned down. In 1918 when a Spanish flu epidemic hit nearby Camp Sherman, the theater became a makeshift morgue and autopsy site. It is said that the soldiers' spilled blood ...

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    Schrader Road Tunnel

    Chillicothe, Ohio

    59.6 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Schrader Road Tunnel is rumored to be haunted by a ghost or two. A legend says that a woman put her unwanted baby on the train tracks, and then, in some versions of the story, hanged herself. The baby is heard crying here. But there may be another ghost as ...

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    Snow Hill Country Club

    New Vienna, Ohio

    59.7 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Snow Hill Country Club, built in the 1820s as a home for the Harris family, became a country club and golf course in 1924. "Dinner and a Ghost" events have been held there to introduce visitors to its haunts, which are said to cause electrical problems, weird sounds and smells, ...

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    Harvey Wells House

    Wellston, Ohio

    61.3 miles from Lewis County, KY

    This historic house was a dark history, with a former owner jumping to his death from the upper floor after a combination of troubling equations and a drinking problem. The was refurbished as a nursing home, which closed down several decades ago. Staff working here claimed to see him ...

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    Greenup Street Water Tower

    Alexandria, Kentucky

    62.1 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The apparition of a man in workman clothing has been standing underneath the water tower by local residents. He vanishes when approached, and appears to be confused or lost. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Loudoun House

    Lexington, Kentucky

    68 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The 1850 gothic revival mansion is haunted by the spirits of two women, both dressed in Victorian clothing. One has been seen in the western part of the mansion, and the other in the formal dining room. Also seen all over the mansion is a mysterious black cat. Witnesses have ...

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    Chateau Laroche - Loveland Castle

    Loveland, Ohio

    70.5 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The Historical Loveland Castle & Museum, aka Chateau Laroche, is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including one who liked a particular willow tree and a girl in a long dress who walked on water. A Viking in a long dark cloak has been seen as well.

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    White Hall

    Richmond, Kentucky

    71.6 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Cassius Clay's historic home, built in 1798 by his father, is said to be haunted by Clay himself, his wife, and his son. Witnesses to the hauntings have described moving candle lights, footsteps and other unexplained sounds and even smells, and violin and piano music. Apparitions of the three ghosts ...

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    Peters Cartridge Company

    Maineville, Ohio

    73.2 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Peters Cartridge Company, built in 1916, produced gunpowder and ammunition, including bullets and cannonballs for the Union during the Civil War. It is said to be haunted by workers that were killed in accidental explosions during the 1940s. Witnesses have reported footsteps and apparitions seen through the windows at night.

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    Kings Island Amusement Park

    Mason, Ohio

    73.9 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Kings Island, an amusement park that opened in 1972, is rumored to have an 1840s graveyard called Dog Street Cemetery on the premises. But most witnesses feel that the park's haunts are victims of accidental deaths, like the 1976 tragedy when a Lion Country Safari Ranger was killed by a ...

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    Banana Leaf Modern Thai

    Mason, Ohio

    76 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The building is rumoured to be haunted by the apparition of a woman murdered over a century ago. Her ghost has been seen in the dining room on the upper floor of the restaurant. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Golden Lamb Inn

    Lebanon, Ohio

    76.7 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Ten presidents, including John Quincy Adams, have stayed at the charming Golden Lamb Inn, in operation since 1803. Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain also are among its former guests. The rooms also are named for past guests, and rumor has it that the Harriet Beecher Stowe room is rich ...

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    Roundtown Players

    Circleville, Ohio

    77.5 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Built in the 1890s as a memorial for Civil War soldiers, this building has housed a public library, an armory, and now the Round Town Players theatrical group. An apparition of a Civil War soldier has been seen reflected in the mirrors at Memorial Hall.

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    Hammel House Inn

    Waynesville, Ohio

    78.8 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The inn has been declared one of the most haunted buildings in Waynesville. The most haunted room at the bed and breakfast is Room #004. The shadowy apparition of a young merchant who was murdered in the inn has been seen here, as well as in the dining room of ...

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    The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

    Lewis County, Ohio

    81.4 miles from Lewis County, KY

    Maud Hughes Road has a haunted bridge known to locals as the Screaming Bridge. Locals say it has been the site of at least 36 deaths through accidents and suicides. Witnesses have reported apparitions, mists, hooded figures, strange lights, and a phantom train on the tracks below. There are many, ...

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    Boone Tavern

    Berea, Kentucky

    82.7 miles from Lewis County, KY

    At this historic guesthouse for Berea College, many strange events have been reported. Some say the site was once part of the Underground Railroad, and the apparition of at an African-American boy has been spotted here; others say this information is inaccurate, and that the hotel was not built until ...

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    A Georgian Manner Bed and Breakfast

    Logan, Ohio

    85 miles from Lewis County, KY

    At this historic inn, a murder mystery is said to have taken place in 1898. Then-owner John Engle was allegedly poisoned by his wife, who put strychnine in his coffee. She was acquitted of the crime. Witnesses have seen apparitions of a man and children in period clothing playing on ...

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    Town Hall Theatre

    Centerville, Ohio

    86.6 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The Town Hall Theatre, according to witnesses, has a sensitive ghost who doesn't like it when the plays put on here have profane language or nudity. The spirit is said to act up during such performances in order to show his displeasure. There is also alleged to be an apparition ...

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    Sorg Opera House and Mansion

    Middletown, Ohio

    87.6 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The opera house is haunted by the ghost of former residents, who can be heard walking around the house and talking late at night. The ghost of an actress in a red dress has been seen in the dressing rooms, but she vanishes when approached. She has also been heard ...

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    Florentine Hotel and Restaurant

    Germantown, Ohio

    92.4 miles from Lewis County, KY

    The 1816 hotel and restaurant is haunted. Staff and diners have experienced an eerie presence on the third floor, and the mezzanine is haunted by a poltergeist that causes the chandeliers to swing to and fro. (Submitted by Callum Swift)