Haunted Places in Lake County, Indiana

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    Stallbohm-Kaske House

    Munster, Indiana

    According to locals, the original inn that stood here burned down on Halloween of 1909. And in 1949, resident Wilhelmina Kaske passed away in a front bedroom, and these incidents may have led to the house's hauntings. Witnesses have reported a figure leaning out of the barn window, a presence ...

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    Carolina Street Demon House

    Gary, Indiana

    The house was said to be haunted by more than 200 demons. Witnesses have reported levitating children, swarms of flies that mysteriously appear in winter, footprints, and apparitions. The demons were believed to have possessed the three children of the family who lived there, and case workers, priests and police ...

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    Lake Prairie Cemetery

    Lowell, Indiana

    Apparitions of deceased townspeople, ghostly mists, and orbs all have been reported at this cemetery, especially in the southern half, which is the oldest.

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    Whihala Beach

    Whiting, Indiana

    Some say that at Whihala Beach at night, you can see and hear phantom sailboats and apparitions of folks swimming and playing with innertubes in old-fashioned bathing suits.

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    Reeder Road

    Griffith, Indiana

    Local lore about Reder Road tells of Elizabeth Wilson, a hitchhiking ghost who drowned in a swamp when her car went off the road. Her ghost waits at the roadside for a ride to her former house, but she disappears from cars at Ross Cemetery, where she was buried in ...

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    Crown Point Sheriff's House and Jail

    Crown Point, Indiana

    The Crown Point Sheriff's House was built in 1882, and the jail was added on in 1926. This is the very jail from which John Dillinger made his notorious escape in 1934. He used jail-issued razor blades to carved a gun out of part of a wooden washboard. He used ...