Haunted Places in Lake County, Illinois

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    White Cemetery

    Barrington, Illinois

    Among the phenomena associated with this spot are glowing orbs and mist, a disappearing house and black car, and the sounds of someone walking through leaves. It is said that photographs taken of this cemetery always fail; the photos do not develop or the camera will be lost.

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    Cuba Road

    Long Grove, Illinois

    Along Cuba Road, a phantom black car is said to appear near a cemetery or an old house before vanishing away. Trouble is, that house burned down years ago. Also along the road appears a ghost woman carrying a lantern, who flags down motorists and then disappears when they stop ...

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    Schweppe Mansion

    Lake Forest, Illinois

    Schweppe Mansion was built in 1917 as a gift from Mr. and Mrs. John G. Shedd to their daughter Laura as a wedding present for her and her new husband, Charles Schweppe. Tragedy struck in 1941--Charles was found dead in his bedroom after he shot himself. A note on his ...

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    P M and L Theatre

    Antioch, Illinois

    The PM&L Theatre has--or had--a ghost. Folks reported a ghost girl who turned lights on and off and made strange noises. But a retired longtime theater volunteer, Elmarie Beno, has admitted creating the ghost and perpetuating the rumor for years. Some say there really is a ghost, despite the ruse, ...

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    Karcher Hotel

    Waukegan, Illinois

    We went to this beautiful hotel under the permission of the owner. It was built in the 1920s and in the 80s there was a fire that killed and injured many. The most haunted places are the basement, and the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th floors. Along with the ...