Haunted Places in Kittson County, Minnesota

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Kittson County, Minnesota. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Minnesota.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Kittson County, Minnesota.

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    137th Ave Between Akra and Leroy

    Cavalier, North Dakota

    42.4 miles from Kittson County, MN

    At around midnight, a ghostly lady is said to walk across the road in a white dress with a rope around her neck. Rumor has it that she hanged herself in the 1940s after hearing her husband had been killed in the war.

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    White Lady Lane

    Walhalla, North Dakota

    48.2 miles from Kittson County, MN

    The road known as White Lady Lane goes through the Tetrault Woods between the towns Leroy and Walahalla. Local legend tells of a young girl who became pregnant out of wedlock. Her religious parents forced her to marry the man against her will, and after the wedding, the baby died. ...

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    County Highway 21 Hitchhiker

    Warren, Minnesota

    52.4 miles from Kittson County, MN

    On stormy nights near the old cemetery just west of Sherack, MN drivers have reported picking up a hitchhiker, only to have him disappear from their car a few minutes later. (Submitted by Paul Sethre)

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    Dead Man's Trail

    Thief River Falls, Minnesota

    53.6 miles from Kittson County, MN

    Dead Man's Trail is the site of a legend of a young Native American woman whose baby was carried away by the rushing river and over the falls to the rocks below. She cursed the river, saying it had stolen the tribe’s future chief. Visitors to the park have seen ...

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    University of North Dakota

    Grand Forks, North Dakota

    60.5 miles from Kittson County, MN

    In the university's John C. West Hall, the apparition of a young girl's torso has been seen, believed to be the spirit of a student who froze to death outside the dorm. The ghost is said to tinker with the electricity and TVs in the complex. Also, in Stacher Hall ...

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    Altru Hospital

    Grand Forks, North Dakota

    61.3 miles from Kittson County, MN

    Also known by its former name United Hospital, the building is said to be haunted by a ghostly elevator that makes runs on its own in the night. Staff members working at night have seen apparitions inside the elevator when it opens on their floor. The alarm system is said ...

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    La Barriere Park

    La Salle, Manitoba

    67.4 miles from Kittson County, MN

    At La Barriere Park, folks have noticed the strange phenomenon of the disembodied sound of two little girls chatting with each other in the woods. The strange feeling of being watched and the sound of something unseen crashing through the brush from all directions at once also have been reported.

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    University of Minnesota - McCall Hall

    Crookston, Minnesota

    67.9 miles from Kittson County, MN

    The University of Minnesota's McCall Hall, built in 1946, is alleged to be home to spirits who have been heard laughing and stomping their feet in the halls. Doors open or close on their own, often followed by an apparition of an unknown girl. Strange sounds have been reported here ...

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    St. Norbert Monastery

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

    69.7 miles from Kittson County, MN

    St. Norbert Monastery is currently used as an arts and cultural center, but was originally a large Trappist monastic agricultural operation. It was burned by arsonists in 1983 but was rebuilt into the arts center in 1991; the remaining ruins were declared a preserved park in 2002. Apparitions, disembodied voices ...

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    Riel House

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

    73.8 miles from Kittson County, MN

    Riel was built and owned by the Riel family 1865. Louis Riel, renowned politician and leader of Metis rights and freedoms, didn't live in the house, but was placed in the living room for a few days after his execution. His wife died in the house half a ...

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    St Vital Hotel - Riverside Inn

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

    76.7 miles from Kittson County, MN

    St Vital Hotel (now the Riverside Inn) is said to be haunted by a man who was killed just outside the back door in a 1970s brawl. A woman's ghost has been seen here too, and rumors abound about shadow figures and a bricked-up tunnel.