Haunted Places in Kittitas County, Washington

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    Brick Saloon

    Roslyn, Washington

    Originally built in 1889, the saloon is believed to be home to the ghosts of a little girl and a cowboy. Reports say a piano on the premises has been heard playing by itself.

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    Thorp Cemetery

    Thorp, Washington

    Legend has it that the ghost of a Native American woman named Suzy, who was lynched for unknown reasons in 1890, is seen here riding a white horse and crying.

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    Central Washington University

    Ellensburg, Washington

    There are three halls rumored to be haunted at Central Washington University. Apparitions are seen in Beck Hall, and Room C-37 of Barton Hall is believed to be haunted by a former student. Witnesses have seen his apparition and heard strange noises. Also, Kamola Hall is said to be haunted ...