Haunted Places in Kenton County, Kentucky

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    Allendale Tunnel

    Elsmere, Kentucky

    Legend has it that a man hanged himself years ago in this tunnel, and the hook still protrudes from which he hung his rope. Witnesses say they have seen his apparition hanging here or walking in the tunnel and heard his screams.

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    Narrows Road

    Erlanger, Kentucky

    A phantom officer in a '50s police car haunts Narrows Road, locals say, pulling over living drivers late at night. The ghost is said to be the lingering spirit of a cop who was hit and killed by a car here while making a traffic stop in the 1950s. Some ...

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    Middendorf-Bullock Funeral Home

    Covington, Kentucky

    This historic home was formerly a boarding house for students at a nearby mortuary college, and is rumoured to be haunted. Staff claim to have felt a strange in the building after dark, and have seen a shadowy male apparition on the landing. (Submitted by Callum Swift)