Haunted Places in Kennebec County, Maine

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    Randolph Forest - Old Narrow Gauge Trail

    Randolph, Maine

    From the forest, witnesses have reported voices calling out to them, or screaming at them, and have seen orbs, flashes, and dark shadows. They have heard footsteps and felt a feeling of dread. Some say there is a spirit named Bicycle Eddie who may be trying to impart a message ...

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    Mount Saint Joseph

    Waterville, Maine

    Mount Saint Jospeh is a nursing home that used to be a children's hospital. The site appears to be haunted by children's spirits. Different residents in the nursing home, having never met before, have reported a little girl in a purple dress who keeps them awake all night. Many of ...

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    The Devil's Footprint

    Manchester, Maine

    Embedded in a stone in the wall around a cemetery near the North Manchester Meeting House, the Devil's Footprint is a mark of great curiosity. Stories say that when the road was being built, the construction workers came across a rock that couldn't be moved. One worker is said to ...

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    Readfield Historical Society and Museum

    Readfield, Maine

    This building is haunted by a young schoolgirl and a hostile presence, believed to be a male. Whispering noises, moans and screams have been heard in the building, along with disembodied footsteps. A visitor was attacked by an unseen entity. Electrical appliances go on and off, and chairs and desks ...