Haunted Places in Jefferson County, Missouri

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    Morse Mill Hotel

    Dittmer, Missouri

    Built in 1816 as a farmhouse, the hotel had its heyday in the 1920s and '30s. Clara Bow, Charles Lindbergh, Jesse James and Al Capone are among the famous guests who stayed here, as well as serial killer Bertha Gifford, who killed many victims by poisoning with arsenic. Witnesses have reported ...

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    Governor Thomas Fletcher House

    Hillsboro, Missouri

    The Governor Thomas Fletcher House was built in 1851 by Thomas C. Fletcher. Witnesses have reported that the place is haunted, citing a phantom smell of baking bread, a piano playing by itself, cold spots, feelings of being watched, and more.

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    Lost History Museum

    Valles Mines, Missouri

    This 1749 house museum is haunted, and travellers driving past claim to have seen the apparition of a soldier staring down into the street. Other activity reported here includes people being touched by unseen hands, and strange anomalies have shown up in photographs taken at the property. (Submitted by Callum ...