Haunted Places in Hyde County, North Carolina

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Hyde County, North Carolina. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of North Carolina.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Hyde County, North Carolina.

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    Somerset Place

    Creswell, North Carolina

    29.9 miles from Hyde County, NC

    The Somerset Plantation house and its grounds are believed to be haunted by the former lady of the house, who screams and cries. Folks in the know say she is mourning the death of her son, who drowned in an irrigation canal.

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    Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

    Buxton, North Carolina

    36.7 miles from Hyde County, NC

    The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is said to be haunted by a ghost cat, a ship's vanished crew, and a man named Bob. The large black-and-white cat has come around for the past 100 years, rubbing on people and then vanishing. It is thought to have been a past light keeper's ...

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    Fort Raleigh

    Manteo, North Carolina

    43.9 miles from Hyde County, NC

    Fort Raleigh National Historic Site is known for its Roanoke Colony, the first English settlement in what is now the U.S., established in the 1580s. Roanoke is thought to have run out of supplies and failed sometime around 1590, and by the time ships arrived with supplies, the colony had ...

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    Harvey Mansion Historic Inn

    New Bern, North Carolina

    54.4 miles from Hyde County, NC

    Established in the early part of the 1800's it is one of the last remaining original buildings in the town. People claim that a woman in period dress glides through the dining room and through walls of the restaurant located in this Inn. Some people also say that ...

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    Attmore-Oliver House

    New Bern, North Carolina

    54.6 miles from Hyde County, NC

    Originally built in 1790, the Attmore-Oliver House is reported to be haunted by poltergeists, possibly stemming from the last private owner or from deaths during a long-ago smallpox epidemic. The large historic home, normally used for Society functions, is open for tours by appointment.

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    New Berne House Inn

    New Bern, North Carolina

    54.7 miles from Hyde County, NC

    Though no longer currently operating as an inn, this old brick home was said to have had two haunted rooms. The owners received multiple reports from guests of various "odd occurrences" that happened during different stays.

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    Cousin Martha's Bed and Breakfast

    Beaufort, North Carolina

    55.9 miles from Hyde County, NC

    According to "Haunted Inns of the Southeast," guests and staff regularly hear "giggling and footsteps" in the upper floor of the house, when no one else is around. (Seems only to be expected at an inn that sells a trademarked line of spice products called "Satan's Breath"!)

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    Elizabeth Inn - Sabiston House

    Beaufort, North Carolina

    56.1 miles from Hyde County, NC

    Built by Capt. Sabiston in the 1850s, it is believed he still haunts the place to this day. The Elizabeth Inn is unfortunately now closed.

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    Nell Cropsey House

    Elizabeth City, North Carolina

    61.1 miles from Hyde County, NC

    The Nell Cropsey House is a private home that is known for its namesake ghost, the beautiful Nell Cropsey. She moved here with her parents in 1898. She became engaged to the sheriff's son Jim Wilcox, but in 1901, she vanished from the house. Jim was arrested on suspicion of ...

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    Foscue Plantation House

    Pollocksville, North Carolina

    65.1 miles from Hyde County, NC

    Foscue Plantation House was constructed in 1824 and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of slaves from the 1800s. According to reports, slaves were chained in the attic and their cries and moans are said to ring out at night. A legend about the staircase says that slaves' ...

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    Chowan University

    Murfreesboro, North Carolina

    88.6 miles from Hyde County, NC

    Chowan University has a ghostly "Brown Lady" on the third floor of its Columns Building. Her footsteps have been heard, and security guards have chased her thinking she was a prankster. And at Belks Hall, the ghost of a little girl who fell down the stairs while riding a tricycle ...