Haunted Places in Hunterdon County, New Jersey

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    Union Hotel

    Flemington, New Jersey

    Reports say the historic 1814 hotel is currently under plans for redevelopment. Witnesses claim to have seen ghosts of small children and poltergeist activity in the building, and one person reported seeing a pair of shoes walking up a staircase.

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    Inn of the Hawke

    Lambertville, New Jersey

    At this 1860s inn there are quite a few ghosts, according to witnesses. Odd noises and occurrences abound here; for example, in the kitchen, pots and pans may lift off their hooks and crash to the floor. Pictures also are often knocked off of the walls throughout the inn.

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    The Red Mill Museum

    Clinton, New Jersey

    Red Mill Museum Village, recreating an 1810 mill, is haunted by an apparition who many tourists believe is a hired re-enactor on the third floor. The old man wears period clothing and a black hat and he doesn't speak. But the museum does not hire re-enactors, so if you see ...

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    The Widow McCrea House Victorian Bed and Breakfast

    Frenchtown, New Jersey

    This 1870's bed and breakfast inn is rumoured to have a ghostly feline roaming the halls. Guests have reported feeling a cat sitting on their bed, but upon investigation, there is nothing there. (Submitted by Callum Swift)