Haunted Places in Hanover County, Virginia

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    Mills House

    Beaverdam, Virginia

    Mysterious fires broke out at the Mills House in January 2014, destroying it. The place was a historic home to bachelor farmer Buster Mills, the last of the Mills family who lived there; he died after a stroke in 1989. Locals remember Buster talking about "haints" in the home's front ...

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    Randolph-Macon College

    Ashland, Virginia

    At Randolph-Macon College, three places are rumored to be haunted. At Mary Branch, a girls' dorm, at least two ghosts are said to reside. Doors open and close by themselves, and objects are moved or disappear. In the SAE Fraternity House, witnesses have described strange noises and apparitions of soldiers ...

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    Brooker's Site

    Mechanicsville, Virginia

    This was the site of a old house built in the mid to early 19th century. The house has been gone and the site of the house is now home to a United States post office. However, the house back in the mid 1800s owned 125 acres that today is ...