Haunted Places in Hancock County, Indiana

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    Ivy House

    Fortville, Indiana

    Built in 1921 by Dr. Jess E. Ferrell, the Ivy House bed-and-breakfast inn is said to have a haunt that came with the purchase of an antique piano. The owners say the instrument brought with it a ghost who makes the decidely nonmusical sounds of banging and walking footsteps.

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    Hays Cemetery

    Wilkinson, Indiana

    Hays Cemetery, aka Main Street Graveyard, is said to be home to a "devil's child" because of a plant that grows in the shape of a pitchfork on her grave. Visiting is not recommended at night, as much of the area is private property and you could be arrested for ...

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    Revenant Acres Farm

    Charlottesville, Indiana

    An old farmhouse dating back to the 1800s known to locals as a hot-spot for paranormal activity. An old woman's presence is felt by some. Others have claimed to have experienced poltergeist activity.