Haunted Places in Greene County, Illinois

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    Lee-Baker-Hodges House

    Carrollton, Illinois

    Built in the early 1830s, the historic mansion fell into disrepair in the 1970s and was saved by preservationists. It is sometimes open to the public for pre-scheduled nighttime paranormal investigation and history tours. A ghost child is said to reside in one of the bedrooms, and another child's ghost ...

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    Eldred House

    Greene County, Illinois

    The 23-room James J. Eldred House was completed in 1861, and was the setting for some sad events. All three Eldred daughters died of tuberculosis here: Alma, 4, in 1861; Alice, 17, in 1870; and Eva, 17, in 1876. A traveling salesman is said to have passed away here as ...