Haunted Places in Grant County, Oregon

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Grant County, Oregon. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Oregon.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Grant County, Oregon.

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    Sumpter Bed and Breakfast

    Sumpter, Oregon

    43.5 miles from Grant County, OR

    This gold rush era building was built around 1900, and was formerly the town hospital. Now a delightful bed and breakfast inn, staff and guests have reported two apparitions throughout the establishment. The first is the apparition of a miner, who has been seen shaving in an upstairs bathroom. ...

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    Ye Olde Castle Restaurant

    Burns, Oregon

    62.6 miles from Grant County, OR

    The building was originally a house in the early 1800's, but is now an antique shop and restaurant. The ghost haunts here is believed to be a past resident. She is a lady in a blue dress, who stares at people before vanishing and reappearing somewhere else in the restaurant. ...

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    Candy Cane Park - Hatchet Park

    La Grande, Oregon

    72.9 miles from Grant County, OR

    As local legend has it, this festively named park is haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed in the park several years ago. Reports say she used to haunt a merry-go-round situated in the park, pushing folks off and causing it to spin out of control. Since ...

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    Hot Lake Hotel

    La Grande, Oregon

    73.1 miles from Grant County, OR

    This building has an extended history as a former resort and a former asylum and is reportedly haunted by numerous ghosts including former patients and people who are claimed to have killed themselves on the property. People report numerous sightings of various ghosts, including a gardener who is alleged ...

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    Elgin Opera House

    Elgin, Oregon

    91.3 miles from Grant County, OR

    The ghostly pair who reside here are seemingly bound in their duel for eternity. As legend has it, a gunfight occurred in the late 1800s over the hand of a local young woman. On the front steps, the two men's apparitions plug each other with six-shooters, clutch their chests, and ...