Haunted Places in Grafton County, New Hampshire

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    Beal House Inn

    Littleton, New Hampshire

    Originally built as a farmhouse in 1833, Mrs. Beal's inn was born 100 years later. It is said to be haunted; witnesses have described male voices, mysterious shadows, and a warm sensation.

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    Plymouth State University

    Plymouth, New Hampshire

    Plymouth State University is rumored to have several haunts. The 1800s Mary Lyon Residence Hall is said to be haunted by a malicious female spirit who lingers in the basement. The ghost of Mary Lyon herself also is said to appear in the underground tunnels, looking for her lover. And, ...

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    Sugar Hill Inn

    Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

    At the historic Sugar Hill Inn, guests have been surprised to see an elderly couple enter the inn and float right through a set of closed doors. The shadow of a man also appears near where Mr. Oakes, a former owner, passed away.